Fantastic Four Performances In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


In the portrayal of various superheroes on screen Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved a large collection of talented actors, out of which, some performances shine brighter than others do. Alongside franchise lodestar Robert Downey Jr. here are the other three fantastic performances in MCU:

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

At his current trajectory, there’s no doubt that Thomas William Hiddleston is on course for greatness after playing the character of Loki with such a suave air; every fan who came out of the theater after watching the first Thor movie was mesmerized by Thor’s antagonist. He thinks that he is better than the humans of Earth and he sees himself as a GOD. He refers to humankind as “ants” whom he could crush beneath his boots. With typical nuance Hiddleston’s wildly fun turn as Loki in Thor saw him mischief his way to prominence, earning him Avengers MVP status and he delivered such an impressionable performance.

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

You hire an actor for his strengths, and Downey would not be robust as a one-dimensional mighty-man; he is strong because he is quick, smart and funny, and because we sense his public persona masks deep private wounds. Actor Robert Downey Jr. portrayed the real life Tony Stark with such an aplomb that even the most hesitant of critics could not help but be charmed by the actor. Downey created Tony Stark from the persona he has fashioned through many movies: irreverent, quirky, self-deprecating, wise-cracking. We’re not saying Downey was the reason for Marvel’s success but Marvel may not have achieved as high a status at such a fast pace without the charisma of Downey Jr.

Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk

For most comic book heroes (and villains) with dual identities is casting, and getting “right”, the “civilian” aspect of the character is crucial to making the alter interesting. There have been many depictions of The Hulk on screen but none have captured the humanity of Bruce Banner/The Hulk like Mark Ruffalo. By virtue of making Bruce Banner into a vibrant and observational supporting character, Mark Ruffalo was able to avoid falling into the “always moody, always cursed” trap of being a big, strong, essentially invulnerable force that can smash whatever it wants. Aided by the writings of Joss Whedon, Ruffalo’s portrayal of a man with the fear of his next transformation was lauded as being quite a real character piece. And Marvel, to their credit, kept Bruce Banner also relative sparse in Phase 2, only having him pop up in a post-credit sequence in Iron Man 3 which merely played off the goodwill of The Avengers. Considering the rough history of the character, Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner/Hulk was in the perfect light which offered an optimistic arc that showed off the actor’s movie star charm and presented situations where we were actually rooting for Hulk to do his Hulk thing. Ruffalo was able to actually get audiences outright cheering.

Chris Evans as Captain America

Curiously, “Captain America” was not the only Marvel character played by Chris Evans. He also once portrayed The Human Torch in two movie adaptations of “Fantastic 4”. Captain America is one of Marvel’s oldest comic book characters. Chris Evans proved every critic wrong with his portray of Captain America. Acting, certainly, is a passion, and a worthy one. But you act to act, you act to perform, you act to find new truths, new depths. The actor captured the genuineness of the character along with the body of the character. Every new Captain America film has showcased the complicated nature of the character and Evans has truly shown it with an ease other actors may struggle with. Chris Evans’ exodus from the “Captain America” series may also possibly herald the end of Steve Rogers’ existence in future eponymous titles.

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