Alla Bella Mozzarella:The Perfect Place For Italian food

If you are looking for a place which is warm and cozy and has some amazing Italian food then Alla Bella Mozzarella is your place.Located in a quaint lane away from all the hustle and bustle this place has a different charm all together.The ambience of the restaurant is absolutely amazing,soft lights,Italian music playing in the background an of course good food.

Alla Bella Mozzarella does all justice to authentic Italian cuisine.And for all of you who thinks Italian food means on pastas and pizzas ,then you must give this place a try.

I along with other city bloggers were invited at ABM on a warm sunday afternoon to try out their delicacies and i have to admit it has to be one of the most amazing Italian restaurant the city has.

The first thing that came was the caesar salad which had smoked chicken,iceberg lettuce,capers,croutons and parmigiano.For people who thinks that salads are usually not that tasty,believe me this would completely change your thoughts.Then came the Pollo Fritto-crumb fried chicken with truffle mascarpone.I loved this one.We also had Tre formaggi Di Salmone which is salmon stuffed with cheese.

After the Antipasto which means the traditional first course of a formal Italian meal it was time to try out some Pasta and Pizza.

We were served the Fettuccine Carbonara which had eggs,parsley,bacon and parmigiano.The Fettucine was done with perfection.It had generous amount of Bacon in it and for a bacon lover like me what else can you ask for?

Alla bella Mozzarella specialises with their pizzas.The pizzas are made in a wood burnt oven and one can actually see the making of the pizza before it is served to your plate.We had the Pollo 12 inch pizza which had smoked chicken topping with rosemary spinach,caramelised onion and roasted garlic.The onion and garlic just adds on to flavours beautifully.

Then came their signature lamb meat lasagne.And if you are a lasagne lover you cant miss on this.We also tried the Pollo Parmigiano which is a parmesan crusted chicken served with spaghetti.If you want to skip the pizza and traditional Pasta and try something different then i would suggest go for it.

After a sumptuous and ever so delicious meal it was time for the Dolci(which in Italian means anything sweet like candies,pastries,desserts).And as the perfect ending came Wood Fired Chocolate Fondente,and trust me it was a beauty.Molten chocolate cake wood-oven baked served with ice-cream.It deserves all the extra love and affection.


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