Celebrating The Festival Of Lights

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” -Edith Wharton

From my childhood the festival of lights always had a special importance in my life.I was fascinated to see how the entire city got decked up together to celebrate diwali.For me as a child diwali was about bursting crackers,meeting friends and lightning up diyas.We bengalis have a ritual of lighting up 14 diyas on the eve of diwali and i still remember how eagerly i used to wait for that.I was told we light diyas or candles to cast off all the evil and sorrow and bring happiness in our life.I did believe this and every diya i lit i prayed for a little something along with it.

Now after many years of growing up,understanding and seeing the real world,the festival of lights has a completely different meaning to me.There are so many people for whom the festival of lights is still a festival of darkness.But they thrive and still hope that someday there will be light,there will be happiness.And now i know the true meaning of diwali is not to just light up your own life but spread that light of joy to everyone in the darkness,to everyone around you.We have been taught from our childhood in school,by parents,by elders to be a guiding light for all those in need.And just like we believe that goddess kali,the goddess of darkness who even being an epitome of darkness lightens up peoples life,we all must try to be the source of light,joy or happiness to everyone around us.Diwali is all about lightening each others life.isn’t it?





OUTFIT: Global Desi

Photography: Sourodip Ghosh

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