8 Epic Action Sequences You Can’t Miss


In the list of highest-grossing films of all time, you might make a not so shocking discovery: the list’s an action extravaganza. In fact, about 16 of the 19 movies that have made over a billion dollars worldwide are categorized as – guess what – ‘action’. The whole list is flodded by action movies. You have your Avengers, your Pirates, your Transformers and so and so on.

There’s undoubtedly an infinite number of great epic action sequences left out there to choose from; the sad thing with these list-based articles is that there’s a limit to how many different choices you can feature, so if your favourites were blatantly omitted, let us know about them in the comments section below. To celebrate our evident enjoyment of explosions, gunfights and men-with-warrior-instinct hitting each other, here are 10 epic action sequences that you can watch over and over again:

Neo vs. Smith(s) – The Matrix Reloaded

There’s actually a handful of memorable action sequences in Reloaded. There’s the chateau battle, the “upgrades” fight, Seraph’s test, the highway chase, etc. But the one that had the most impact was the burly brawl scene where Neo had to once again fight Agent Smith. Only this time, there’s hundreds of him. The scene still holds its own. And the reason? Because it’s cool as hell!

First Battle – 300

To be fair, though, the live action adaptation of the Frank Miller’s fantastic graphic novel was a pleasant surprise. It consequently verifies the director’s position as a major player in the business. But as far as the action sequences are concerned, it’s the Spartans’ initial scuffle with the massive Persian army that we all remember – be that the original version or one of the countless parodies that reminds us (in delightful slow motion, of course).

Maelstrom – Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

There are pirates and “fish people” – Captain Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones among them – on their respected ships; battling each other while sailing at full speed inside of a massive whirlpool – all while the rain is pouring down from the dark sky. Whatever your interpretation of the word “epic” might be, but in all regards though, the maelstrom is one of the most entertaining action ever. And it should be: it took them a nearly an endless amount of money and time to make it reality. Sparrow and Jones climb up to have a swordfight on the damn yardarm for Christ’s sake – all while Hans Zimmer’s score plays in the background.

Battle of Helm’s Deep – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Be it the hundredth or even the thousandth time you’re watching it, your eyes just can’t get enough. And that’s why this LOTR scene is one of the numero uno epic action sequences that you can rewatch over and over again. 10,000 of Saruman’s Uruk-hai lay siege to the fortress, which is defended by around 300 Rohirrim  and a large group of the Elves of Lórien join the defences when Lord Elrond, at the prompting of Galadriel, sends the Elves under the command of Haldir of Lórien to reinforce the defence of the keep. And you feel the warm goosebumps crawling in your skin as you see Gandalf arriving with 2,000 riders led by Éomer, who finally turn the tide of the battle and send Saruman’s forces into retreat.

Rotating Hallway – Inception

Despite the film being a stellar ride as a whole, there’s one prominent moment we all still have in the back of our heads. A certain hotel hallway, to be exact. The setting might not be anything too special by itself but who would’ve guessed that adding revolving gravity, hand-to-hand combat and an upper-dream-level-car-chase into the mix will give you a hell of an epic action sequence?

Atom Bomb Chase – The Dark Knight Rises

Although the prologue was extremely gorgeous as well, it’s the chase scene near the end that nabs the “best action sequence of TDKR” trophy. There’s Batman inside a flying Tumbler and Catwoman riding the Batpod, both chasing after Liam Neeson’s daughter who’s trying to blow up the city – all while the future-Robin is trying to get a school-bus full of children across a bridge.

NYC Battle – The Avengers

Serving as the apex to MarvelCinematicUniverse’s phase 1, Marvel’s The Avengers brought the comics’ superheroes together for the first time in feature film history. And the result was a stellar film throughout; the end climax has the earth’s mightiest heroes battle it out against the Chitauri army in hopes to prevent them from completely trashing up New York. And what follows is a well-made, visually impressive action sequence – which you can watch over and over.

The Battle of Minas Tirith – The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

All of the previous entries on this list deserve their spot; every single one of them is great – all in their own way. But when it comes to creating something epic, there’s one man who seems to do it better than everyone else. The original Lord of the Rings trilogy was an astounding piece of moving art throughout all the three films, and though there practically are endless amount of moments to choose from, it ultimately ends up being the battle of Minas Tirith that takes the cake. There’s the siege by the orc army: the catapults, the chaos; there’s the Nazgûl with the flying beasts… And it doesn’t end there. Oh no. Then the fight carries on to the Pelennor Fields. It’s useless for to try to put it in words. Just go watch it…

That’s all folks!

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