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The food connoisseurs of the city of joy found themselves in the land of the rising Sun for some time when they devoured in the lip smacking Japanese cuisines, served by Fuji, the authentic Japanese food-joint at 209A Sarat Bose Road today. An a-la-carte menu served with eight dishes brought a delightful taste of Japan in the taste-buds of the gourmands around the city.

Miso soup”, a perfect blend of fermented soy bean paste and tofu was presented at the start of the long menu. The wide array of culinary delights had “Edamame” (immature soy bean) & Non-Veg “Makimono Mariawase” that are sushis with salmon and tuna filling inside to be dipped in wasabi and soy sauce mixture before you gulp them. The next delicious items were “Buta no Shougayaki” that is fried and sauté pork with ginger extract followed by “Yakitori Moriawase” an absolute appealing dish that will attract you with cherry tomatoes wrapped with grilled bacon, grilled chicken skewers and meatballs drizzled with spicy juice!

Then it was time for Chicken Katsu Curry Rice that took the centre stage as served piping hot. A plateful of sticky rice topped with crispy chicken pieces accompanied with the thick gravy is somewhat next to mouth-watering. As told by Hitesh Punjabi, the head of Fuji, Kolkata, “Presenting it with the gravy is an Indian idea to be blended with the pure Japanese culinary culture.”

Somen Champuru” a stirred and fried noodle dish with chive, chicken and tuna flakes was super “Oishi”as said in Japanese language for a delectable dish! The conclusion was with the scoops of Green Tea & Wasami ice creams – a perfect finishing to an obtrusive luncheon.

The quaint and quiet ambiance of Fuji, accomplished its gourmet journey and won hearts with its scrumptious menu.

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