Getting That Picture Perfect Smile

Getting That Picture Perfect Smile

Smiling in front of a camera is not easy for some people, which is why being relaxed is the main advice if you want to look really happy without any tension. But, there’s more to a picture perfect smile than muscle relaxation. While getting it right isn’t difficult, you still need to check your best face angle, practice and take proper oral hygiene.

Part your teeth

Apart from relaxing your facial muscles it would be best to smile for a picture with slightly parted teeth. If you keep your teeth tight together while you smile, it can seem unnatural and forced and you will look uncomfortable as opposed to happy and enjoying yourself. Also, smiling with teeth tightly pressed together can stretch the skin a little which will also affect your whole look.

Find your best angle

Most people don’t have symmetrical faces, which is precisely why facing the camera straight-on isn’t the best choice in most occasions. In order to find your perfect angle and tilt your head for the picture accordingly, practice in front of a mirror. It might take some time but eventually you will get used to posing in a way that’s most flattering for your face.

Pick lipstick carefully


All ladies should know that carefully chosen shade of lipstick can make a dramatic change in the appearance of teeth and therefore the overall smile. Red lipstick with bluish undertone is perfect for making the teeth whiter but any bright color with cool undertone is also effective. Orange or shades that are generally on the warmer side can actually do the opposite and make the teeth more yellow than they really are.

Add moisture

This tip might seem strange to some, but when your teeth are moistened just before the picture-taking, they appear brighter and more sparkly. Therefore, remember to take a sip of water before you pose for a picture or simply lick your teeth with a tongue.

Brush your teeth regularly

Simple tips like the above-mentioned ones won’t work magically unless you take good care of your teeth regularly. The most important thing when it comes to keeping your smile bright and healthy is to brush your teeth at least twice a day. If you can’t manage brushing them after every meal, mornings and evenings are a must. Whitening toothpaste is a great option but those who have sensitive gums should be very careful in their choice. Making regular visits to your dentist can also keep the teeth and gums healthy and nice.

Fix the appearance


If your teeth are crooked, no matter how healthy and bright they are, you won’t be able to achieve the picture perfect smile you most probably desire. Visiting a good orthodontist can solve this problem as well. Don’t be afraid of braces or having some other work done on your teeth because it will all pay off in the long run.

Careful with drinks

There are some drinks, such as wine, coffee and tea, that can dye the teeth after consuming them so if you know that you’re going to take some pictures that day and especially if it’s for an important occasion, refrain from indulging yourself in these teeth-coloring drinks. Also, carrying around a small mirror and a toothpick can really come in handy to check whether there’s some food stuck between your teeth.

With good oral hygiene and some small tricks that will make the most of your appearance, you can easily get that picture perfect smile. Remember to be natural, smile from the heart and pose with confidence.


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