Ace Designer Saroj Jalan will bring live “Gulzar’ in her latest Autumn-Winter Couture Collection at the Lakme Fashion Week

Ace Designer Saroj Jalan will bring live “Gulzar’ in her latest

Autumn-Winter Couture Collection at the Lakme Fashion Week


 Nature always wears the colors of the spirit. It uses human imagination to lift ones work of creation to even higher levels.” Contributing to these lines, Ace Designer Saroj Jalan did an exclusive preview of her latest Autumn-Winter Collection titled “Gulzar”; which will be elaborately shown at Lakme Fashion Week, 2016. Inspired by nature and poetry, the press preview took place in the glamorous presence of popular models of the city. Saroj Jalan’s passion and love for Indian traditional wear has always been an expression of self for women around the country. Her designs are traditional with the touch of modernization, rich indian fabrics and craftsmanship. Her designs and varied range of cloths have exclusive and intricate specialties of different states. She announced that versatile actress – Radhika Apte would be the showstopper for the classic Saroj Jalan- Autumn-Winter Couture collection at Lakme Fashion Week, 2016 on 28 August at Mumbai.


This year Saroj Jalan’s Autumn-Winter Couture collection also called ‘Gulzar’ is inspired by Sakalban which is a beautiful poem penned by the great Aamir Khusro. It meticulously synchronizes the mundane yet ever so pleasing happenings of nature. Much like Sakalban, Saroj Jalan’s ‘Gulzar’ collection incorporates the mystic beauty of Mother Nature in bold color shades. In the poem, the poet plays with the blooming yellow mustard and takes inspiration from the chirping birds while dressing up the maidens in beautiful makeup. Just like the maidens adorned the flower filled offerings and looked stunning; similarly the delicate floral patterns intricately used in the garments lend their vibrancy and freshness adding a touch of femininity and poise. The deft use of Zardozi and array of hand woven tusser silk and velvet enhances the experience of wear of the classic couture garments.

Speaking on this occasion, Designer Saroj Jalan said, ”Indian clothes has always been a priority for every Indian women for weddings or any other special occasion. The clothes we see today are the reflection of various changes in the Indian history. We aim to give justice to the nature, history, culture and heritage of India, through my designs. I hope this year at Lakme Fashion Week, the lovely brides-to-be who are literally in search for ideas & inspirations, are able to find their dream attire in our Autumn Winter / Gulzar Collection.”

Saroj Jalan seeks to interpret Indian embroidery and takes her inspiration from nature and religion. Her creations are the infusion of colors; the base, the theme and the style which are generally reflective of a particular region. She mentioned that embroidery on leather, velvet, net, cotton and silk are done all over the country. The patterns are decided upon on the basis of the fabric and its texture the stitches depend upon the style and the effect to be produced. Themes and motifs have remained as such for centuries. Even in the pre historic civilization probably it was the same (embroidery needles have been found in excavations).



Her main focus has always been patterns which include floral, animals, geometric and religious. There are diverse varieties of Indian embroidery. Mirror work of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Zari work of Hyderabad, Gota work of Rajasthan, Zardozi of Delhi, Phulkari of Punjab, Chamba Rumals, Kasuti embroidery of Karnataka, Chikan embroidery, Kantha of West Bengal, Aari work etc. are some of the significant types of Indian Embroidery. Each embroidery style has its own history and a story of development.  All these types of embroidery have its own pattern and style which inspires Saroj Jalan to use them in her designs and the outcome is attire which is creative, beautiful & traditional.


About the designer: Saroj Jalan started her career in the year 2004. Her repertoire includes designing bridal and couture. A strong sense of colour and occasion has made her create a niche for herself in bridal wear. Saroj’s collection is an act of presenting India’s rich handicraft and handwork techniques encapsulated in our country. The label Saroj Jalan is synonymous with handwork, royalty, intricacy and elegance. Saroj is deeply inspired from the rich past of our country. This is reflected in her designs often. Creating the perfect outfit for the bride to be has been her only goal, with her efficient team she makes this possible and produces the ideal outfit for her brides. With every season she tries to produce something better and always has the wish to experiment and put her thoughts onto her designs. Saroj Jalan’s eponymous label is an ode to India’s diverse culture and colorful tapestry. Her collections are rich in ethnic patterns and royal designs that take us close to our cultural roots and remind us of our glorious and majestic past. She aspires at showcasing some of the best wedding attires seeped in Indian tradition with an ultra modern and innovative appeal.


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