8 Most Shockingly Violent Movies


You may feel like a worse human for having watched these films, but you shouldn’t. These intensely gory movies will be seared into the catacombs of your mind forever. The films are explicitly disturbing, ridiculously violent and genuinely terrifying up to the denouement. The directors seems to lace their unwatchable, soul-purging movies with ironic and irreverent subjects, with hidden meaning to which only they are privy. This is maximum overdrive for a marathon of mutilation and mayhem, guaranteed to test your intestinal fortitude.

The films here actually have no plot you can “spoil,” and the flicks eventually make a tough sit, even for horror movie aficionados, because after a while of being bludgeoned with blood and guts and innards and gore, you get numb….really numb. Well, the films in the list have all distinguished themselves by the controversy their violent content has raised. Checkout:

Martyrs (2008)

It is hardly surprising the BBFC will not give the film a certificate. This film is pure torture for the sake of it. The true horror lies in the clinical detachment of the antagonists and we see the victims are being taken down to a dungeon to be physically and psychologically tortured in an attempt to produce a martyr – someone who transcends reality through extreme suffering. The film will carve many putrid memories in your physique long after viewing.

Dead Alive (1992)

This movie is sickeningly wonderful. Peter Jackson’s macabre masterpiece has all the eloquence of a 90-minute dead baby joke and it is an escalating series of nauseating set pieces. The final half-hour is a bacchanal of blood and pus: a man uses a lawnmower to slice his friends and family into pieces; some disembodied bowels checking themselves out in a vanity mirror; and a pregnant zombie mom splashing her soiled amniotic fluid all over the place.

Murder Set Pieces (2004)

The film is nothing more than a gory, blood-soaked snuff film, reveling in its own shock value as women are stabbed, strangled, raped and mutilated.

Evil Dead (2013)

Like the addition of a drug-addiction backstory, there’s also a been rewriting of Evil Dead’s infamous tree rape scene.  The film is unbelievably gruesome, and the graphic violence is the only mark the film hits because it aims for nothing else.

Rambo (2008)

This movie contains a record-beating 236 on-screen kills suggesting that breathing is actually a quite complex quadratic equation in comparison. This is 90 minutes of violence. The orgy of violence, as ghastly as in any video game, shows Sylvester Stallone perpetrating numerous head smashings, throat rippings and machine-gunning Burmese soldiers into spaghetti sauce.

Hostel (2005)

Writer-director Eli Roth brings us a grisly tale of abduction and torture laced with an unsettling humour that vacillates between bleak and black. The images, the gore in this was made something fetishised – to be ogled over like pornography by the viewer; Oh yeah! …the whole torture porn ranges from severed limbs to penetrated genitals to sliced Achilles tendon to gouged eye to mutilation with weapons including scissors, chainsaws, knives, hammers, drills, clippers and guns.

Ichi the Killer (2001)

Hideo Yamamoto storyboarded this crackling noir —extreme in its misogyny, sadism, and gore and made it an artful blend of thoughtful malaise and grotesque bloodshed. We see cutting out of tongue by a man in remorse before embarking on a campaign of retribution that includes impaling a man upside down on hooks and scalding him with boiling water; we also see a man with a spring-loaded ax blade in his heel chops another man in half vertically. Obscuring the plot’s incoherent silliness by focusing on the endless images of rape, torture, and mutilation the film was heavily censored due to its high impact and bloody violence.


The theme ran its predictable course from victimhood to vengeance, the sex-violence meter gets cranked up to awfully brutal, crude and explicit levels. The intended cathartic value of the protagonist’s acts of vengeance does not compensate for the sheer nastiness of what’s come before. More troubling is how the movie wants viewers to regard the violence of the first part as upsetting and realistic before rewarding them with the requisite quota of gory kills; the woman will suffer and then inflict suffering in kind – voyeurs will have their eyes plucked out, violators will be violated, the sodomizers sodomized.

These aren’t the only movies that push the limits of movie violence. The voyeuristic video images in the flicks invite the viewers to enjoy either eroticized or sadistic sexual violence. We see a gore fest that’s just effective enough to whet fans’ appetite for more, even as it kills everyone else’s appetite for dinner. Did we miss any violent movies that shocked you? Let us know in the comments below!

Honourable mentions:

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)


Grotesque (2009)

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (2009)

Frontier(s) (2007)


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