Styling Indian Jewellery With Western Outfit:Part 1

No matter how much we Indians love our chokers and edgy junk jewellery,we can never ignore our traditional indian jewellery as well.Being a modern woman most of the times i opt for jewels that are in vogue but my mothers priced “sitahaar” “jhumko” or “kaanbala” always has a special place in my heart.The intricate design,craftsmanship and more than anything the love attached to these pieces from my mothers jewellery box can never be replaced with anything.

These priceless vintage pieces remains locked in the box throughout the year and only comes out during “thakur-boron”  or “dadar biye” which is a complete injustice.And thus i came up with the idea of incorporating my beloved traditional indian jewellery with modern outfits.(cause not everyday can you dress up in a kanjeevaram or Dhakaai Jaamdani,Right?)

For this post i styled a beautiful south indian style choker with a long back slide slit top and a pair o denim.The choker has an antique gold finish and is extremely subtle to wear.It was enough to accentuate my plain simple outfit.Chokers like this are great to be worn with simple tshirts,tunics and even a cocktail dress.



Styling and concept:Kinkinee Ghosh

Photography: Oindrila Bhol

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