Sizzler Festival At Barcelos

As the monsoon added wings to our mood,it was only fitting for the sizzler festival at Barcelos to complete the elation of the kolkata foodies.Barcelos is having a sizzler festival going on and the uniqueness of this month long festival rests in the fact that the food lovers are spoilt for choice.

On a rainy afternoon i was invited to Barcelos with other city bloggers to taste sizzlers from around the world.I love sizzlers and i love barcelos,So missing it was out of the question.Barcelos showcased sizzler delights from various countries across the world.And the good part is they presented both vegetarian and non vegetarian options.



Peri peri paneer sizzlers : South Africa

Veg kebab sizzlers : Turkey

Paneer trichando sizzlers : Portugal

Falafel sizzles with hummus : Lebanon

Soya bean keema sizzlers : Afghanisthan

Grilled vegetable sizzlers : Portugal

Veg seekh kebab sizzlers : India


Peri peri chicken sizzlers : South Africa

Mutton kebab sizzlers : Turkey

Chicekn Trichando sizzlers : Portugal

Mutton keema sizzlers : Afghanistan

Grilled fish sizzlers : Porugal


Do you see how elaborate the menu is?And there is something for everyone at the sizzler festival.We were welcomed with a tangy mango and kiwi drink and then came the sizzles.The drinks at Barcelos are very different.The tangy flavour to the mango and kiwi drink just adds a unique taste to your taste buds.Then came the sizzlers,we had called for peri peri chicken sizzler,paneer trichando sizzler and the grilled fish sizzler.The sizzles comes along with a portion of rice and vegetables and is a full meal all by itself.My favourite amongst these had to be the Paneer trichando sizzler ,it had a bowl of small paneer cubes cooked perfect with fresh mozzarella cheese and a portion of rice layered with cheese.

The sizzler festival at Barcelos is on for a month now and you must visit the restaurant to experience sizzler delicacies from around the world.Im sure they will sizzle not only your taste buds but also your day.


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