Levell 5 Couture Store celebrates its First Anniversary with an Evening of Fashion

Levell 5 Couture Store celebrates its First Anniversary with an Evening of Fashion


 Fashion is one such quotient like food that has never seen an off-season or a downfall. Rather it grows and becomes trendier day by day with blooming stores, fashion brands and designers who try their every innovative bit to sustain in the market and do better than other brands. In such a mad race of outnumbering the other, few make it to the mark and few die down with time. Levell Five, the name might sound a little new, but hold on! The 2,000 square feet women’s couture store on the fifth floor in the upscale location of 103 Park Street seemed no looking back since they opened their first Designer Store on the same day last year. On their first anniversary the young Designer-Directors of the brand Abhilasha Kajaria, Shweta Malpani, Rashmi Malpani and Neha Malpani showcased their latest line in the Ethnic and Indo-Western collection. The gleeful evening saw the likes of Rituparna Sengupta, Jaya Seal and Lopamudra Saha in Levell 5 extravaganzas. The wine and cheese was hosted by Designer and Curator Lopamudra Saha.

Rituparna Sengupta graced the one-year anniversary party of Levell 5 in a flowing brocade skirt paired with a peach silk bustier. While the ensemble did not seem out of the ordinary, till one saw the antique jewelry that adorned the complete neckline of the blouse. The skirt was a modern take on the traditional lehenga; while Levell 5 decided to go simple with the design, the skirt sported a wrap-around in georgette fringed with lively tassels which created an illusion of cascading drapes down her tall figure.

A sleek blush-pink gown was donned by Lopamudra Saha. The clenched waist flattered her narrow waistline and at the same time, the delicate, flowing satin-silk drapes accentuated her elegance. This breathtaking gown happened to be one of Levell 5’s signature creations which showcased dynamic creativity alongside subtle elegance.

Jaya seal was seen in something quite unique and daring, if one might say so. She was dressed in a two-piece attire covered in gorgeous zardosi work. The black background of the cape perfectly accentuated the delectable golden embellishments. With Jaya’s ensemble, Levell 5 was sure to show the fashion world how to blend the world of fashion and personal style into a pioneering fashion statement.

Over a year the Levell 5 family has been redefining fashion for the city. Located in the heart of the city, Levell 5 has a wide base of clientele which ranges from the fashion savvy college students to the who’s who to Tollywood. Levell 5 has defined their own niche when it comes to fashion. They do not follow fashion fads blindly. Levell 5 is a perfect balance of tradition with a pinch of modern fashion. From the luscious translucent drapes that flow over a traditional zardosi lehenga to the conspicuous yet understated evening gown, Levell 5 has it all. Levell 5 has successfully created a style which covers tradition as well as sophistication. What makes the label unique is that, you can see a Levell 5 at a cocktail dinner as well as a traditional wedding. Only a few names in the international fashion scenario has been able to pull that off till date. Levell 5 is a new inspiration for the new-age designers who want to create something unique strung to the elements of both tradition and sophistication.

The best way to describe their creation would be to call it a diffusion range. Where zardosi meets drapes of silk-satin. From vibrant hues on evening gowns to subtle pastel shades on flowing skirts, Levell 5 has made it possible to give shape to your dreams. Their specialty lies with their bridal range where there is a marked splendor in the use of zardosi work, metallic embellishments and tassels which give each and every attire their unique flavor. Levell 5 has everything for every age, every taste and every personality.

About Levell Five: With a modest start from a rented apartment in Hazra 15 years back, Designer-Directors Abhilasha Kajaria, Shweta Malpani, Rashmi Malpani & Neha Malpani went on to open their first 4000 sq. ft. Bulk Retail Store in 2008 (Park Street , 2nd Floor). The phenomenal response from all over India propelled them to step into Retail in July 2015 with a 2000 sq. ft. Designer Store in the upscale location of Park Street. Later in the year they inaugurated a Factory Outlet at 180A, C.R. Avenue. Levell 5 Couture is today billed as one of Kolkata’s leading Women Clothing Couture for Ethnic & Indo-Western wear

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