Eat Well, Live Well with Skulpt


Eat Well, Live Well with Skulpt



Fitness and Health consciousness is growing among people these days, and Skulpt is spreading this message through their workshop with prominent Australian chef Nivi Das.

Divya Himatsingka, Director of Skulpt says, “We at Skulpt care about the wellbeing of not just our members, but also people at large, and through this workshop, we intend to spread the message that living a healthy life is not so difficult. And by bringing Chef Nivi on board for this workshop, we shall demonstrate that to stay fit, we do not need to give up on good food, and can also satisfy our taste buds at the same time.”

Chef Nivi Das believes that you do not have to give up your favorite foods to adapt to a healthier lifestyle. A vegan herself, she has taken up the challenge of creating recipes which are made with compassion for all living beings, concern for the environment and planet and of course, people’s wellbeing in mind.

However, she doesn’t feel that the pathway to health has to be a struggle. Her motto is to embrace life, love yourself and love your food but not exclusively.

Through this workshop she demonstrates some easy to make recipes which will be dairy free, egg free, entirely plant based, low in fat and yet delicious and she will also create a healthy dessert that is creamy and rich!

Joining her will be celebrity Tanusree Chakraborty, who will be sharing basic health tips necessary for a better lifestyle along with nutritionist Abhilasha Bagaria and Fitness Manager Prosenjit Biswas.

Join us and take the first step towards better eating, better living.



Chef Nivi Das’s background

I am a qualified accountant and always worked in corporate field but the Plant Based diet and its implications in terms of health benefits fascinated me so much that I changed my career a couple of years ago.

In 2015, I qualified as Chef on a special scholarship. I was offered the Scholarship by the Director of the Culinary College based on prior extensive knowledge of Food which was self-paced research into Science of Food, Nutrition, Balanced Diet and studies of Vegan food benefits. This was a big change in my career which I embraced happily because I feel I am able to reach out to more people and perhaps help a few too.

I have been conducting Workshops in Vegan Nutrition and food alternatives for last 2 years. I also get asked to do presentations at a number of Fundraising Events. The next few upcoming events will be

  • Fundraiser for Animal Sanctuary in Brisbane – 2nd April 2016
  •        Fundraiser for animal Sanctuary in Dixon, California 30th May 2016 – the event raised USD $7,000 for the sanctuary
  • Fundraiser for Sea Shepard in Brisbane 18th September 2016

Other upcoming Events

  • Vegan Demonstration and Dinner Event with Australian Celebrity Vegan Chef, Alejandro Cancino at Swissôtel, Kolkata on 8th to 12th June
  • Workshops in Mumbai on 24th, 25th and 26th June 2016
  • Workshops in Kolkata on 9th and 10th July in 2016

My natural curiosity for Science and how things work, led me to the path of becoming a Vegan Food Consultant and Technologist. I have turned may home into a Kitchen Laboratory where I experiment with only Plant Based and try to recreate the dishes that a person must give up to become Vegan. Cheese, Desserts are always top of the list with most people.

My motivation for “inventing” the vegan gourmet dishes is that I want more people to appreciate that becoming Vegan does not mean that you give up your favourite foods. I also want to ensure that people making the transition from a meat based diet or even vegetarian diet to a Plant Based diet do not fall into the very common trap of subsisting on a very nutritionally poor diet. At every workshop, I explain the benefits of the Vegan diet but also take care to explain the common vitamin and mineral deficiency one may suffer from if not paying attention to the nutrition.


About Skulpt:

SKULPT operating through Ideal Gymnasium Pvt. Ltd. has slowly and steadily carved the name of Ideal Gymnasium Pvt. Ltd. in the Kolkata market and built a reputation to reckon with. Ideal Gymnasium Pvt. Ltd. which started under the brand name of Gold’s Gym, after completing 10 glorious years, gave to this city, its own new brand, SKULPT. It is popular among fitness junkies for its state of the art amenities, offering special classes like TRX Training, Spinning, Kettle bell classes, Aerobics etc for its members. The gym also continuously upgrades itself through regular training programs.


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