10 Ways Of Adding Coconut Milk To Your Recipes


Coconut milk is rich and thick, sweet and extremely delicious. Adding coconut milk in your recipes could actually be a great idea! Wondering what to do with that can of coconut milk? Check out 10 ways of cooking with coconut milk.


    1. Wish to go lactose-free? Switch to coconut milk as a dairy substitute. Use it to whip up your favorite ice cream, pudding or just make some yogurt with it.
    2. Add coconut milk while cooking pasta. That natural sweet taste compliments your pasta dishes perfectly well.
    3. While making cheesecakes, consider adding coconut milk instead of heavy cream.
    4. Simmer coconut milk in red curry paste and add a dash of ginger juice, lime juice, honey and soy sauce. Your hot dipping sauce is ready. Dumplings were never tastier!

  1. Use coconut milk as a braising liquid for fish, especially salmon and even shrimp.
  2. If you are cooking seafood, try adding coconut milk to your curries. Whether it is about cooking shrimp, mussels or clam- just add coconut milk.
  3. Simmering fish or chicken in coconut milk with lemongrass and galangal as primary ingredients tastes heavenly and gives that exquisite Thai taste.
  4. Stir in some sugar to coconut milk and put it in the refrigerator. Add fresh fruits and berries. This homemade instant dessert is tempting.
  5. Wish to make creamy bean soup? Add coconut milk to make it richer and creamier.
  6. Add a drizzle of coconut milk dressing to your light summer salad for that extra color, flavor and taste.


Adding coconut milk to your regular life is simple. Be innovative and try out exquisite dishes by just adding some coconut milk to them. What’s your way of adding coconut milk to your recipes?


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