Organic Makeup: An Overview


While makeup seems to be a daily necessity, the damaging effects that the chemicals contained in makeup are not! That is why there is a sudden rise in the popularity of organic makeup. Whether you are using that pink lipstick for a perfect pout or some mascara for those dreamy eyes, perfume for smelling great or shampoo to cleanse your hair of impurities, there are chemicals like parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, MIT and lead that can cause skin irritation and asthma (as well as cancer, infertility, tumours and hormone disruption in extreme cases). That is where organic cosmetics come as your savior. Read to know more!


  • MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS: In organic makeup, the use of harsh chemicals is minimal. So, low are the damaging effects associated with conventional makeup.
  • NATURAL AROMA: In organic cosmetics, the fragrance is natural. In fact, use of essential oils is one of the best ways to get that aroma sans the side effects of artificial fragrance.
  • NUTRIENT RICH: Organic makeup is known to be rich in nutrients and ingredients that are beneficial for your skin. Extracts of coco butter, apricots, grapes and white tea are used extensively. That is why, there is little risk of makeup allergy associated with green makeup.
  • SKIN-FRIENDLY: Organic makeup is not only eco-friendly but also skin-friendly. Yes, here we have makeup that is gentle on skin and doesn’t strip your skin of its natural moisture.
  • SKIN PROTECTION: Minerals used in organic makeup help protect your skin against premature aging. That is why, you have every reason to opt for these mineral-rich natural makeup that give you your dose of antioxidant and sun-protection.

Still wondering why use organic makeup? Well, of course, now you know that it is a better option!

Some of the best known brands of organic cosmetics available in India are Forest Essentials, Tvam, Omved, Tatha, Auravedic and The Nature’s Co. have you tried using Organic makeup? Do share your experience with us!


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