Homemade Hair Care Recipes With Aloe Vera You Must Try


If you want to grow your hair long and beautiful, make sure you start growing the ‘plant of immortality’ in your backyard garden without any further delay. Well, I am talking about the aloe vera plant. Use aloe vera is a secret ingredient in your hair care recipes and see the magic. Your tresses turn strong, silky and gorgeous in no time. Wish to learn about some of the easiest homemade hair care recipes with aloe vera? Keep reading!



OVERNIGHT MASK TO PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH: In ½ cup aloe vera juice, add 2 tsp fenugreek powder, 2 tsp basil powder and 2 tsp castor oil. Mix well and apply the hair mask along the hair strands and spread it on the hair roots. Wear a shower cap and it is best left overnight. Shampoo the next morning and see your hair turn lustrous and healthy. This overnight hair mask not only conditions your hair and removes dandruff, it also nourishes your hair and promotes hair growth. Do it once every week to get thick hair naturally.


ANTI-DANDRUFF SERUM: in ½ cup aloe vera gel, add 2 tsp rosewater and a few drops of tea tree oil. Mix well and use this homemade serum on scalp and hair. Massage gently with finger tips. Leave on for 1 hour and wash off. You will swear by this natural dandruff remedy.

NATURAL HAIR CONDITIONER: Mix an egg with 4 tbsp aloe vera gel. Apply this mask on hair and wait for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Your hair is so soft and smooth!


TREATMENT FOR GREASY HAIR: Oily hair attracts dirt and is often associated with sticky dandruff and itchy scalp. To treat greasiness of scalp and hair, add a few drops of lemon juice to aloe vera gel. Its natural cleansing properties cleanse your scalp and you get that squeaky clean feeling like never before.


Aloe vera has natural moisturizing and soothing properties that help nourish your scalp and induce relaxation. So, use aloe vera in your homemade hair care recipes and get healthy and beautiful hair, naturally!


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