Hollywood Movies That Will Push You to See Life From A Different Perspective


Some films don’t try to oversimplify the contents of their messege into a single dogma; there are many other seeds of thought strewn along the path, each of which is the basis for a different struggle to transcend relative unconsciousness. In the mindless pursuit of a goal, the protagonists of such films are stuck within the deep dark secrets of life; their real challenge, however, is to find happiness through an unconventional courageous journey of self-discovery.

This list of movies provide an example of what life can be like if we ponder over our deepest thoughts and desires and implement them in our lives in a concrete and practical way. Films like Shawshank Redemption, Schindler’s List, Forrest Gump as such have not been included in an effort to avoid this list being cliche; only those films have been picked which you may not have seen before, and ones which may have slipped from your list.

Million Dollar Baby

The film centers on the dynamic relationship between trainer Frankie (Clint Eastwood) and fighter in training Maggie (Hilary Swank) the ambitious girl that gets much more than what she bargained for. The film has a rhythm of its own, seldom seen in boxing formula pictures. This is a film about how crippling and unfair life is for most people, not how a few triumph. Barring some hackneyed scenes, Eastwood succeeds with this heartbreaking narrative.


So expertly and so artfully, this movie permeates feeling of dread and outrage and sorrow. Selma stars David Oyelowo as Martin Luther King, the legendary leader, a global hero, an admired fighter for justice and equality, a deeply hated figure amongst those who feared and opposed change, and the film portrays King’s journey through the battle for voting rights in the Alabama town of Selma right to President Johnson announcing the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

Remember the Titans

The film tackles an important subject that goes beyond the sports dramatic genre, and it does it pretty well. Based on a true story the film tells the story of Coach Boone (Denzel Washington) coming to a white high school in early 1970’s Virginia to take over the head coaching spot from the extremely popular and classic Coach Yoast (Will Patton).


A boy, Daniel E. “Rudy” Ruettiger, chases a dream that almost seems impossible to any young man that lacks the size, stature and the necessary athletic ability to perform such a task, and eventually leaves the audience with a sense of “Impossible is nothing.” Sean Astin as the titular character delivers one of his best performances to date.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

The movie, based on James Thurber’s short story, is an underdog fable about following one’s dream and the exploration the idyllic fantasies of its titular protagonist, as he attempts to escape the mundane motions of his daily routine employment at Life Magazine. The pathos of the main character is well-captured in subtle ways, as are the feelings of triumph when he is able to go beyond his own self-imposed limitations. Ben Stiller’s self-indulgence is in its purest form.

Erin Brockovich

It’s a story that inspires Americans to believe in the system and fight against corporate injustice on their own personal level. Julia Roberts stars as an unrelentingly tactless outspoken single mother-of-three; a twice-married mother of three children who is desperate to find a way to make a living and provide for her family. She conveys each conflicting mood and character trait perfectly. This evocative combination of comedy and drama, culminates to a tear-jerking resolution.

Good Will Hunting

The story showcases the tale of a South Boston construction worker, traumatised by his past, with an unusual gift for mathematics. The message of the film comes from the beautiful subtext: it’s about individuality versus ability, self-worth versus self-sufficiency, knowledge versus wisdom, and striving to discover one’s own purpose and fighting to achieve peace. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck co wrote the screen play and it is a testament to their talent as writers that they came up with so many touching scenes and passages of dialogue.

The Blind Side

Based on a true story, the film narrates the tale of Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a down- and-out Memphis teen who regularly wanders in and out of foster homes and his transformation from homeless to star athlete.The movie redefines the true meaning of family values. Trials are overcome and dealt with and rewards are given to those who work for it. Sandra Bullock delivers an emotionally resonant performance as a woman whose life is enriched by her simple act of kindness and courage to act from her values.

The path to happiness is the journey, not the destination. The movies in the list are dripped with inspiring scenes and deep quotations that everyone can relate to in some way. The lessons are simple: nothing in your outer world will ever make you happy or fulfilled; happiness only comes from the inside. At some point of time when you truly come to this realization and stop deluding yourself, you can gain that sense of peace and satisfaction within.

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