Summer Vacation Style Guide

Summer Vacation Style Guide

The jolliest season of the year is getting dangerously close – and no, we do not mean Christmas, but summer vacation – the time when you can relax, unwind, and show your impeccable sense of fashion. There is only one bad thing about it: you cannot pack all of your things, but you have to decide for the ones that fit in your suitcase. How to decide for just some of your fabulous things? The basic rule is to pack just the essentials and build upon that if you need that, but tell that to the fashionista. Here is the optimal summer vacation packing guide for a girl who just cannot get enough of her fashion.

Start with the Basics

Let us get this boring part of off the table. You will need several essential items which you can accessorize to perfection or wear it casually to the market or a park. No matter where you are going this year, you will need several monochrome cotton t-shirts (white is mandatory), at least one jeans short shorts, one pair of skinny jeans, one safari short shorts, a pair of comfortable leggings, canvas shoes, a white shirt, sensible walking shoes for hikes, black shoes and comfy sandals. Pack at least one light sweater, cardigan or blazer, just in case the nights get a bit chillier.


Get Inspired with Your Destination

When you are deciding what you will pack, you should consider not only the weather report for the following period for your destination, but also its overall style and atmosphere. You would not wear the same clothes for the French Riviera and Hawaii, right? So, for instance, Barcelona will require cheerful colors and flares, French Riviera maxi dress and a floppy hat, Greece is all about blue and white lightweight pieces, patterns and bright colors are perfect for Mexico, etc. Note that some destinations Zanzibar, India, etc.) have some specific rules or preferences when it comes to clothes, so be sure to do your research before packing.

Embrace the Summer Style

You will need a lot of stylish summer pieces to flaunt on the beach and at the parties. The one thing you must not forget is the swimwear. Fill up your bag in two or three swimwear pieces in different colors and styles (bikini, monokini, high waist, with cutouts, crochet, etc.). Make sure you also pack at least one beach cover-up (kaftans, kimono, lightweight shirt, beach dress…). Then move on to street and evening style and pack a maxi dress, maxi skirt, little black dress, cheerful a-line dress, mini skirt, several lightweight blouses and pants, fancy sandals, ballet flats, espadrille flats, and platform shoes. A fashion hint: this summer is all about bold stripes, floral motifs, crochet, lace and, the inevitable mesh.


For the End: A Pinch of Accessories

Something must elevate all those monochromatic t-shirts, right? The summer hit of statement choker necklaces will do a great job there. Why stop at necklaces, though? Accessories are small and your suitcase can pack a bunch of them, so pack some trendy hair accessories (especially floral, which make this summer even more amazing). You will also need some beach accessories such as sunglasses, floppy sunhat, beach bag, flip flops, etc. For the day and evening, you will need several fancy bags (fringed if you are visiting a music festival) and clutches.

As you see, packing for a summer vacation does not have to be as complicated as it seem. Just equip yourself with some essentials, stylish pieces and accessories, and you will have a plentitude of combinations. Just do not forget that the most important essential for the best summer vacation ever are good friends.



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