“Poila Boisakh” Special Traditional Bengali food at The Gold Brick Restaurant,Mukti World.

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“Poila boisakh” or the first day of the bengali calendar  is one of the most important occasions for all bengalis around the world.And it is completely incomplete without new clothes,family,friends and of course the “Bangalir Bhuribhoj” (I mean the traditional bengali food.).We Bengalis can never think of anything other than bengali food on this special day,no matter how much we love our pizzas or pastas.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion Gold Brick restaurant at Mukti world will be offering a grand traditional bengali buffet on the day of bengali new year.And i along with few other kolkata bloggers were invited to the restaurant for a pre poila boisakh special dinner.


Welcome Drink:

♦Pather Panchali

(An authentic bengali drink with raw burnt mango)


♦Ghare Baire

(Bengal gram battered chicken with onion)


♦Parash Pathar

( A well known vegetable chop from Mecheda)


Main Course:

♦Amar sathi doi katla

( A traditional fish preparation with yoghurt)

♦Shukno lonka murgir jhol

(A grandmother special home made chicken curry)

♦Aro ekbar kosha mangshow

(Succulent lamb pieces cooked in chefs special spices)

♦Ek shuktoh golpo

(Mixed vegetables cooked with poppy seeds and spices)

♦Amar sathi jhoori alu bhaja

(Paper thin potato chips)

♦Priyashi chanar dalna

(Home special chhena preparation)

♦Mon nine beguni

(batter fried eggplant)

♦Hirak rajar desher narkeli cholar dal

(Chana dal flavoured with coconut chunks)

Accompaniments :

♦Ghee bhat


♦Kacha amer chutney

♦Fried papad


♦Bhalo theko,abaseshe

(A combination of rosogolla and vanilla ice-cream)

Poila boisakh special buffet date:14rh April

Time: Lunch-12-3.30,  Dinner-7-11.30

Price per pax-799/- inclusive of all



gold 5

Doi katla

gold 3

Kasha mangshow

gold 6


gold 7

Cholar dal

gold 9

Jhoori aloo bhaja

gold 56

Begun bhaja

gold 1 gold 10 gold 677 gold fh gold h gold hj gold l gold mm gold n gold

gold fh gold h

What i loved about the traditional bengali buffet at Gold Brick was they had a huge option of preparations to choose for.Even if you are vegetarian you would still have quite a lot of options .There is something for everyone.The taste of each and every preparation was distinct and was cooked perfectly.I loved the fact that Gold Brick has brought up the authentic bengali cuisine without much of experimentation.

They also have an amazing offer where if you dine at Gold Brick on Poila boisakh you get a buy one get one movie ticket voucher which is valid from 22nd April to 22nd May,2016.Amazing right?

So now you know where you have to be this poila boisakh.Till then enjoy the pictures 🙂


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