Why I Am In Love With Pondicherry


My trip to Pondicherry was a much-desired break from the monotony of life. Last few weeks had been very stressful and I was looking forward to escaping into a quiet and peaceful place that would soothe my tired soul and rejuvenate my spirits. What can be better than Pondicherry that is associated with Sri Aurobindo Ashram situated along the beautiful rocky beach and a serenity that reflects the depths and the very essence of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, the core of his ‘Life Divine’? Puducherry is surely a place very close to my heart.


While I would surely like to compile a post on Pondicherry sightseeing, for the moment I would just like to focus on the one thing I would wait for throughout the day during my stay at Pondy. Indeed, I would wait the day long for the evening to descend along the coastline. The evenings were beautiful. The long stretch of rocky beach outlined by a thin strip of sand with a broad tiled pavement aligned almost to perfection, the place is almost a sight to behold.


The best part is that one wouldn’t find a speck of dust or a fleck of rubbish anywhere along the beach or the road that runs parallel to the beach. The picturesque French villas would simply transport one into a different world, which nowhere seems to be the country we know so well. The pictorial houses are mostly important Government offices-The Secretariat, The Consulate, The PTDC office and then of course, there are a few extremely beautiful heritage hotels. No wonder Pondy is a heritage town-the White City.


Popular eateries like Le Cafe and Selva’s are easily located. After all, who wouldn’t like to enjoy some latte or cappuccino, some strongly brewed coffee or just a scoop of ice-cream? The environment is magical with the cool breeze caressing the cheeks and the thin strands of hair, at times gently like the touch of your mother and at times like a crazy friend who has seen you after a long long time! You can also enjoy authentic South Indian cuisine comprising Dosa, Idli, Uttapam, Sambar, Coconut Chutney or you can even opt for delicious noodles, chilli mushroom, stir fried babycorn or veg manchurian to satiate your hunger. It must be remembered that mostly vegetarian food is available in Pondicherry. However, you can walk in one of those heritage French restaurants and enjoy some good wine and steak as well.


I would prefer walking along the beach and ruminate about things known yet unknown. Sitting on the boulders and watching the waves roll and splash would be my favourite pastime. I would spend hours sitting there, listening to the sound of waves. Old people would flock and spend time while others would be busy with their evening walk.


However, there is a mysterious silence that prevails. The peace and tranquillity I experienced along the Rocky Beach at Puducherry remains unparalleled.

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  1. April 3, 2016

    […] Pondicherry, also known as Puducherry, is a beautiful coastal located about 170 km away from Chennai, by the seas in Tamil Nadu, India. While you plan to stay in this quaint Heritage City or the White City abounding in picturesque French villas, there are a few spots that should feature in your must-see list in and around Pondy. Keep reading to know about the top five sightseeing in Pondicherry. […]

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