Skin and Hair Precautions For Holi Revellers by Dr Paul’s Multispeciality Clinic

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So that time has come when everywhere you look is brightened up with colours.Its time for holi.Holi is celebrated widely in our country and we all love to take part in all the merriment around us.But to be honest we girls are also very sceptical about the harm colours can cause to our skin and hair.These days the colour used can cause severe damage to your skin and hair and thus you need to take that extra precaution during the time of holi.

To be very honest I’m not so fond of playing with colours more because of the harm it causes to my skin post holi,So when i got the chance to interact with Dr Arijit Ray,Dermatologist ,from Dr Paul’s clinic i was super excited.And here i have some super easy tips for you to prevent damage to your skin and hair and yet join in the festival of colours.



# A coconut based hair oil massage for your hair before you go to play holi is a must.Coconut oil acts as a barrier and will prevent colours from coming in direct contact with the hair and scalp.

# Wear a cool bandana around your head ,not only would it protect your hair but also look super stylish and funk(A colourful bandana or scarf would look amazing)

# Wash your hair with plain water so that most of the colour comes of then use a mild shampoo.If the colour still remains ,Do Not wash it twice a day,It will make your hair really dry.Dont panic the colour would go away eventually.

# Preferably tie up your hair while playing holi.Open hair would catch more colour and cause more damage.Do a side braid or side ponytail.That would look really stylish.

# If you feel your hair is still damaged,you can avail a Laser hair damage control therapy followed by mesotherapy at Dr paul’s clinic.



# Do not forget to moisturise your skin well before you set out to play holi.This will help in removing the colour from your skin more easily.

# Do not just moisturise your face,moisturising your entire body is important.

# Before bathing you can take some curd and small grain brown sugar to scrub your skin

# Quick bath post holi is important so that colours get off easily from the skin. ( So girls don’t get lazy after playing with colours,take a bath immediately then do anything else)

# Never ever forget to apply sunscreen

Dr Paul’s also offers amazing skincare services,You can avail session of Microdermaabrasion,followed my Q-switch once in 15 days with glycol peel.This would to only help your skin get more supple and better but would also help in removing all the tan and problem you might be having.



Dr Paul’s multi speciality clinic is a result driven organisation.From the ver inception they have focussed on surpassing all the competitors in terms of generating results through our treatments.Dr Paul’s have always adhered to the policy of constant innovation and improvement through best medical practices.





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