Simple Ways To Add Flaxseeds To Your Diet


Flaxseeds contain protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron and healthy Omega-3 fats. It is rich in fiber and is known to be immensely beneficial for health. Did you know that flaxseeds, when consumed daily, are known to prevent heart disease, reduce the risk of cancer, stabilize glucose level for diabetics, balance hormones, reduce inflammation, help lower cholesterol level and promote digestive health? With so many health benefits, it is a ‘super-food’ indeed!



It is great if you could consume flaxseeds on a daily basis, but in moderation. The antioxidants as well as low-carbohydrate content make this seed ideal as an add-on to recipes of your choice. One tablespoon of flaxseed everyday would surely help you stay fit. Wondering how to include flaxseeds easily in diet? Here are some of the simplest ways possible.




IN YOUR BOWL OF YOGHURT: What can be more enticing than a bowl of yoghurt straight from your refrigerator on a hot summer day? Add a spoon of flaxseeds to it and whip it up to make it tasty as well as increase its nutritional value!


Flaxseeds in yoghurt

HAVE IT WITH CEREALS: Add a spoon of flaxseeds to your breakfast bowl every morning to reap its health benefits. It is always good to start your day with food rich in fiber, vitamins and proteins, balanced with the carbohydrate content. Flaxseeds taste great when added to oats or corn flakes soaked in milk, topped with fruits. Sprinkling this super-food in your bowl of cereals would be certainly wonderful.


ADD TO YOUR CAKES AND BREADS: If you love to bake, just make sure that you add some flaxseeds to your chocolate muffin and pumpkin bread recipes. You would love the subtle nutty flavour it adds to your baked goodies while enriching it with food value.


Flaxseeds in salads

ADD ON TO YOUR SALADS FOR A NUTTY FLAVOUR: If you are into eating healthy, salads should feature in your regular meals. Why not add some flaxseeds to your salad recipe? Vegetables or fruits topped with salt, pepper, oregano and some whole brown flaxseeds would taste delightful!


So, adding flaxseeds to your day-to-day life can be absolutely hassle-free. Try incorporating them in your regular recipes and reap the several health benefits associated with flaxseeds.


P.S: Try laying your hands on organic flaxseeds. Do not consume flaxseeds if you are pregnant. Moreover, anti-diabetes drugs and anticoagulant drugs might interact with flaxseeds. Hence ask your doctor if you are on regular medication of any sort.

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    […] half-a-cup soaked almond crumbs, cashew nuts, pistachios and even raisins. You may even add a tsp flaxseeds and get that heavy dose of proteins and vitamins, early in the […]

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