Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil: Review

Hello my beauties,

I have become the biggest fan of facial oils these days.My skincare is incomplete without a facial oil and i am in a spree of trying various face oils and today I’m going to review a facial oil i loved a lot recently and it is the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil.


I have tried oils from various brands and was desperate to try this much raved  one from Clarins  and i am absolutely in love with it.


Face treatment oil with 100% pure aromatic plant extracts. Natural essential oils tone and soothe the skin while promoting a more radiant and luminous complexion. Helps rebalance surface oil and tighten enlarged pores.






Ok.I am totally in love with the clarins lotus oil.I started using this oil since November when it had started to get a bit cold here in Kolkata.And this oil was all that i needed in my skincare.This is the only product i used in my night skincare routine other than my face wash and toner and it acted both as a serum and moisturiser.This oil has the perfect texture.It is not too oily and doesn’t make your skin greasy.Once you apply the oil it gets absorbed in your skin instantly.It hydrates so well that i don’t even need a separate moisturiser after applying the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil.It has a typical smell which i feel is extremely relaxing.When it comes to oils most of us fear of how are skin would react to it but this oil from Clarins did not break me out a bit.Rather it kind of helped me in calming down my previous pimples.This has truly become my HOLY GRAIL.


Now,coming to the packaging the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil comes in a glass tube with a dropper which is very convenient to use.You would just need 2-3 drops for your entire face and you are good to go.

IMG_1017 IMG_1018


#Moisturizes and balances your skin well

#Does not make skin greasy

#Did not break me out

#Has a dropper

#Does not contain any chemicals



#Glass packaging might not be travel friendly




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  1. Ishita Sesha says:

    I haven’t used Clarins before but have heard many nice words about this oil, will try this for sure in the near future.

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  2. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    Clarins really have some amazing skincare products

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