Nivea Powerfruit Fresh Shower Gel Review


I have always preferred shower gels and body wash to soaps. Recently,  I invested in an invigorating shower gel from the house of Nivea. I have been using the Nivea Powerfruit Fresh Shower Gel with revitalizing Acai Berry scent and antioxidants for about 2 months now. Check out my review in this post.


This delightful shower gel, priced at Rs 185 for 250 ml, comes in a simple light purple coloured bottle with a flip-open cap. Though the shower gel looks violet in colour, it is in reality transparent and colourless. The fragrance is sweet. It is pleasant to the senses and induces relaxation.



I use it everyday during shower time. While used along with the loofah, only a coin-sized amount is required. However, without the loofah, more of it needs to be poured out. It lathers pretty well and cleans the superficial dirt effectively. Its runny texture spreads evenly through the skin. However, quite a lot of water is needed to wash off the slightly slippery feeling it imparts. It doesn’t dry out the skin and skin feels moisturised.


Nivea Powerfruit Fresh Shower Gel Pros

  • Quite affordable
  • Available without any problem, both in local stores and online stores
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Neat and sturdy packaging
  • Doesn’t dry out skin; skin feels hydrated post shower
  • Lathers well
  • Cleanses effectively and is gentle on the skin
  • Suitable for use both in summers and in winters
  • Has a free loofah too!


Nivea Powerfruit Fresh Shower Gel Cons

  • Contains SLS
  • Imparts a slippery feeling which has to be washed off with plenty of water


Final Word

A decent bath-time product that you can certainly try out! Rating would be 4.5 out of 5


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