“HOPPIPOLA” Opens At Kolkata: Hoppi Times Are Here…

Hey Folks,

Finally Hoppipola opens up at kolkata.I was on cloud 9 when i got to know that it is opening up finally.And i was lucky enough to be at this fun place on the day of its opening.

Hoppipola is the newest brand from the basket of speciality restaurants limited.Indias largest chain of fine dining restaurants.Foodies of Kolkata got to experience hoppi times with the launch of the latest hang out zone hoppipola on last thursday at Acropolis Mall,4th floor.


The place is a revelation for young diners for whom the experience has to be much more fun than just dining all day.Literally meaning of Hoppipola is “jumping in puddles” in Icelandic,it is an embodiment that people dont need to be young to have fun.The philosophy behind hoppipola is “making people happy”.At Hoppipola there is room for everyone to be happy.The ambience turns the boring everyday on its head.

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The moment i entered the place I was amazed to see how fresh and quirky the place is.Toad stool sitting,with colourful elements that blends in perfectly with the light mediterranean hues,a library ,model aeroplanes suspended from the roof,video game corner and bean bags:blackboard tables  to play a game of tic tac toe or scribble on it while waiting for your food.It is indeed a funky den with lots of exciting stuff like the beer pong and beer chuggathon.The Beer Chuggathon is held on every last thursday of the month where two teams are made ‘Girls’ and ‘boys’ and whoever gulps down beer faster wins and gets unlimited beer supply for an entire month.How cool is that?You be here to witness unobtrusive finger food with sumptuous bite here fresh world flavours.The food is a mix of various cuisines and nothing traditional.The menu is an assortment of bar bites with comfort mains and desserts such as “chiseled prawn “,”Lamb patty”, “Stuffed mushrooms” , “The new age wingman chicken” , “Sheperd’s pie” and many more.Apart from the classic cocktails there are innovative twists and combinations of drinks.You must try out the Hoppipola Bird cage which is the cutest thing i came across.I had the perfect evening there over a glass of mojito,mouth watering finger food and good music.

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If you want a fun dining experience Hoppipola is your place.Play games ,Eat ,Drink and have the time of your life.


Truly Hoppi times are here



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