How To Remove Makeup From Face Naturally?


It is extremely important to remove traces of makeup from your face before you retire to bed at the end of the day. This healthy practice would keep your skin youthful, happy and glowing, free from blemishes. However, there are times when you are running out of your store-bought makeup remover or you just don’t feel like using chemicals to remove the buildup from your face. This post is surely going to be of help during such testing times!


Remove makeup


Here are a few tips and tricks you can use to remove face makeup naturally:

  • MILK AND ALMOND OIL-Add a tablespoon of almond oil to a bowl of whole milk. Dunk a cotton ball and rub it all over your face to do away with makeup.
  • OLIVE OIL-If you have dry skin, try using olive oil as your all-natural nourishing makeup remover. Saturate your face with olive oil and remove makeup with the help of a cotton ball.


olive oil as natural makeup remover

  • CUCUMBER JUICE-Extract cucumber juice from freshly grated cucumbers and dip a cotton ball into it. Rub it gently on the face. This is a great way to get rid of makeup naturally. It works wonders for oily skin.


cucumber juice-natural makeup remover

  • WITCH HAZEL AND JOJOBA OIL-Mix 3 tablespoons of witch hazel with 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil. Use the mixture to remove makeup with the help of facial pad or cotton ball.
  • COLD RAW MILK-Dip a cotton ball in cold raw milk and rub it on the face to remove makeup. You can safely use it on oily skin.


The best part of opting for natural makeup removers is that they are free from chemicals and friendly to your skin. At the same time, they are not only cheap but they are also effective.


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