The Bridal Trousseau Must-Haves Of Every Indian Bride


The bridal trousseau is a cherished box of treasures that every woman is not only emotionally attached to but is also dependent on, especially during the initial months post marriage. With the passage of time, the bridal trousseau list has undergone many changes. Nevertheless, its purpose and emotional value remain the same. A box full of hopes, love and grandeur- in this post, I have tried to compile the must-have items that the modern Indian newly-wed bride should pack in her toggery box.


Indian Bride

    Pack sarees in vibrant shades. Choose classic bridal shades like vermillion red, verdant green, golden yellow, pink in shades of red or coral, turquoise blue and royal purple. Silk and chiffons are safe choices. You would be invited for lunch and dinner by relatives and neighbours. These sarees would come handy during such occasions. Don’t forget to have the blouses stitched and the petticoats ready.


Red saree

    Keep those salwar suits ready to be worn if you are being invited by friends, especially if you feel you are not very comfortable wearing a saree. Go for bright shades that not only complement that bridal glow but also pronounce your sense of happiness and joviality. Amber, azure, ruby, olive green- the list of shades is endless!
    Golden as well as silver clutches, a stylish tote in neutral shade, a black sling bag and a couple of multi-coloured pouches- with them you are ready for every occasion, be it dinner parties or romantic outings.


Golden clutch

    Be equipped for every post-marriage pampering session with pair of classic golden heels, stylish black pumps, flats with bling and sparkles, modish wedges in neutral shades and a pair of extremely comfortable sequined sandals.
    The modern woman’s bridal trousseau is incomplete without the right kind of sleepwear and lingerie. Bold and beautiful that she is, a 21st century bride known how to mingle necessity, comfort and sensuousness in the right way. While the regular and comfortable ones would help you thrive through the day, keep the ‘special’ ones aside to make the wedding night, the private moments you spend with your husband and the honeymoon diaries memorable. Don’t forget to keep a pretty robe or house-coat (along with your sleepwear), in case you have to appear in front of a member of your new family.
    The jewellery you wear for your wedding and reception is generally heavy and precious. It might not be feasible for you to wear them all the time. So, don’t forget to add a couple of classic pearl set, diamond studs, a gold chain with a light pendant and a few golden bangles and a pair of earrings that you can wear comfortably throughout the day.


Gold bangles

    Shampoo, conditioner, face wash, soap, scrub, deodorant, hair serum, olive oil, face cream, lip balm, lip liner, lipsticks (especially in shades of red, pink and brown), eyeliner, kohl, foundation, face powder, makeup remover, nail polish, nail polish remover, sunscreen lotion, tissue paper/facial wipes, cotton balls…did I forget anything? Oh well, of course…BINDI and LIQUID SINDOOR!


While you cannot afford to miss the top must-haves in your trousseau list, here are a few items that I have tried to enlist, in case you forget! Here it goes- sanitary napkins, contraceptives, handkerchiefs, comb, safety pins, hair pins, zip pouch, your folder that contains original documents and identity proof (like passport, pan card, certificates etc), debit card and credit card, some ready cash and last, but not the least, some cute mementos of sweet old memories. Marriage is equivalent to a major shift and this post is just my way to ensure that the new brides remember to carry EVERYTHING that they might be in need of


P.S.I wish I could include MOM, and DAD in the list; in that case, I would be saved from the pain of writing so much and including so many items in the trousseau list! When your parents are around, do you have to think so much?

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