How to do Winged Eyeliner~ Tutorial with pictures

I’m an eyeliner fanatic. It has been my first ever makeup product that I’d started with during my teenage years. I love collecting all kinds of them ranging from liquid to gel or colors to glitters. I’m not a pro at this but I have been asked innumerous  times on how my eyeliner is “always on fleek”??   *lol* I don’t  know if it is but I shall be sharing my eyeliner tutorial on today’s post that is easy to do in just four simple steps. So, let’s just get on to the tutorial.

Eyeliner used: Lakme 9 to 5 Black Impact Liquid Liner.

Step 1: Trace the lash line as you would starting with a thin line that goes thicker towards the outer  corner.


Step 2: Draw a thin diagonal line out on the outer corner  which would act as the wing.


Step 3: Now, join the diagonal line to the upper liner to form a triangular wing as shown on the photo below.


Step 4: Fill in the triangle and smooth out any uneven line! And you are done! 



Hope it was easy and helpful! Till then, wing it out and byeeee! 

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