Gaurang Shah’s Kalpavriksha-The Sacred Tree of Life

No matter how much we Indian women love our comfy and modern clothes we always get back to our roots when it comes to any traditional occasion.I personally feel that nothing looks more elegant on an Indian woman than a beautiful saree.As much as i love my blue denims and converse,i love my “dhakai jamdani” no less.And being a saree lover I’m always searching for sarees which are traditional yet has a twist to it.


So when i was invited to the Gaurang Shah store to have a look at his new collection my excitement knew no bounds.Knowing that Gaurang would himself be present to let us know more about the Kalpavriksha range,i was indeed a little nervous to meet him.But after entering the store, his relaxed and friendly behaviour took all the nervousness away from me.

DSC_0300About Gaurang Shah:

I think we all know about Gaurang Shah.Most of us saree lovers have always wanted to be draped in a Gaurang Shah saree.Everytime i see a celebrity sporting his design it always makes me fall in love with his art.

Gaurang – a self taught textile enthusiast! Representing Indian Handloom Heritage with pride, Gaurang and his brand is all about creating timeless clothing, forte being creating unique patterns of Indian Saree classics, and reviving dying Indian Textile techniques and hand-crafts.

Gaurang has showcased at 8 seasons of Lakme fashion week including in 2015, Berlin fashion week and has done private shows in India and abroad including a show at the IIFA awards in 2015. He has styled Kirron Kher for her appearance in India’s got talent for 3 seasons and also for her movie khoobsurat in 2014. Gaurang was awarded for his contribution to Indian fashion industry at the Audi Ritz Icon Award in Bangalore along with KT Rama Rao, Vidya Balan, Ram Charan Tej and others.


What is“Kalpavriksha- The Sacred Tree of Life”

It was a special occasion to celebrate for women this season as Textile revivalist Gaurang Shah was present to exhibit his latest concept ‘Kalpavriksha-The Sacred Tree of Life’ in Kolkata exclusively at his store.

Being a strong advocate of Indian Heritage Textile, Shah took the whole experience of Jamdani art beyond just fashion and took a varied approach to illustrate concept of the Tree of Life in some of the exquisite and complex variety of Indian embroidery – Kantha of Bengal, Zardosi of Hyderabad, Kasuti of Hubli, Marodi of Rajasthan, Chikankari of Lucknow, Kashidakari of Kashmir, Bandhani from Kutch and Parsi Gara from Mumbai.

Commenting on the occasion, Gaurang Shah said, “India is slowly losing out on traditional handloom textile thus being replaced by machine made textiles. It has been my utmost mission to try and revive the traditional Indian weaves back in our Country. It is homage to an age-old craft that demonstrates to the viewer the benefits of combining separate schools of thought, traditions and philosophies of ‘Jamdani’ weave to form a new, favourable art fusion through different weaves of sari”.


The sacred Tree of Life is an ultimate symbolic interpretation of the evolutionary unity and source of the various diverse life forms in our universe. It is essentially represented by a large sacred tree, with spread out branches, depicting the vastness of various forms of life, originating from a massive trunk representing the universality of those life forms. The Saris are the allegorical portrayal of Tree Of Life through an opulent collection of Indian Textile in the traditional art of weaving ‘Jamdani’.

DSC_0314Gaurang has beautifully depicted the Sacred tree of life on a 12 metre long canvas which adorned the wall of his store .He showcased a variety of Indian embroidery in this range, Kantha of Bengal, Zardosi of Hyderabad, Kasuti of Hubli, Marodi of Rajasthan, Chikankari of Lucknow, Kashidakari of Kashmir, Bandhani from Kutch and Parsi Gara from Mumbai.The craftsmanship was something that would leave you in surprise.Every minute and intricate detail was done with perfection.


Kalpavriksha on 9 yards

Gaurang also depicted the “kalpavriksha” on 9 yards.I was truly speechless on seeing the uniqueness of the sarees.It took almost a month to weave just one saree,so you can understand the handwork behind it.

So,If you are looking for a traditional saree with a uniqueness and twist to it then you must take a look at the kalpavriksha range by Guarang Shah.I feel a kalpavriksha saree would be a great option for brides as well.

DSC_0315 DSC_0317 DSC_0328 MAK_0709


Much Love




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