Hindi Movies From 2015 That Are A Must Watch


Many movies were made in Bollywood this year. Some directors tried their hand at sprawling big budget flicks and they didn’t miss the mark. This year some films got unnoticed maybe because of budget constraint or due to the absence of a big star. Those films received a good share of critical acclaim. The films enlisted have been labelled as either failures or just-average. The movies are from diverse genres exploring mostly off-beat themes in cinemas but what binds them all is a strikingly realistic portrayal of human emotions/characters. The films are soaked in original screenplays with crisp directorial skills.

Here is the list of the movies which really did catch my fancy:

  1. Hunterrr

Despite the complexity of a sex addict’s current situation and the things he runs into, Hunterrr’s sexual politics avoids darkness like a plague. But then wishful thinking never hurts any sentiments. Nor does this film. The best bits come-up in the protagonist’s past; be it his escapades with a feisty married woman or with his college girlfriend. Even in its unmistakably masala tone, the non-linear screenplay is fun, chronicling the protagonist’s life from his childhood days. There’s a paradigm shift in the story when the joys of sex comedy turns into a drama about relationships. Harshavardhan G. Kulkarni’s direction is pretty good and cinematography is picture-perfect. A refreshing change from the stereotypical adult comedies.


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  1. Margarita With A Straw

Margarita With A Straw is an earnest, oversimplified, preposterously sweet and frequently schlocky film. Set in New York the film tells the story of a young college girl with cerebral palsy who discovers her sexuality and identity in a teenage environment; and added to it the burden of social stigma that comes with such visible anomalies. A fantastic story not predictable and soppy, elegantly told, excellently directed and powerfully acted by Kalki Koechlin. The placing is slow by regular standards of Bollywood, but is infinitely rewarding. Its way better than most of the Bollywood dramas we dwell upon.


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  1. NH10

Anushka Sharma, evidently, has put her heart into the movie, even if some things are underlined a tad too much. Heavily inspired by the British film ‘Eden Lake’ (2008) director Navdeep Singh does a good job with weaving high-octane moments around the plot and characters and makes NH10 an exciting two hour journey. The film touches upon the rural Haryana and shows us some effective patriarchal mindset and women empowerment. So you don’t really twig on to the plot’s hokeyness to begin with. NH10’s swinging between drama and encouraging city-slicker paranoia is its weakness; the portions I bought into kept me engrossed, and then I was back in those in which I couldn’t suspend disbelief.


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  1. Masaan

The film is beautifully written with a strong message. Writer Varun Grover and director Neeraj Ghaywan deserves all the accolades and plaudits they received in the film festival circuits. The film is serious sensible storytelling. Unlike most of the below average stuff Bollywood unleashes on us every Friday, this movie stands out for its ingenuity: the story is intriguing, the drama refreshing. How in our utopia we all dream of fair-play justice, freedom to be oneself and power to explore all aspects of life as we want? On the backdrop of vibrant visuals of holy city of Varanasi Masaan creates a flurry of small yet memorable characters. Watch Masaan for an amazing performance by Richa Chaddha. Masaan becomes a metaphor for the emotional loss and upliftment, as it witnesses the lives of the ordinary people getting sucked into the vortex of tragedy and its implications. All of them were necessary elements that framed the picturesque story in Masaan.


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  1. Manjhi – The Mountain Man

Watch this film for the sheer realism with which Mehta has put it all together and the acting brilliance of Nawazuddin is exceptionally prominent. It is yet another winning performance that showcases his range and effortlessness in capturing the essence of the character. This inspiring tale is appalling. Chronicling the two strenuous decades that the mountain man spent breaking the peak with just the help of a chisel and a hammer is not what the film is all about. There is politics and history, and the way the former is showcased can polarize the opinions. Director Ketan Mehta has done a stupendous job in terms of ensuring the movie doesn’t lose momentum at any point of time.


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The films mentioned have given a beautifying stroke to script and presentation. How naturally film-making can be done has been lensed. These parallel cinematic delights have an effect that has uproar and serenity both. These films can sensitize your follicles if at all you dare to delve deep. Please do watch the movies if you don’t want to miss something precious.



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  1. Somreeta Mukherjee says:

    Have watched none! 🙁

  2. Siddhartha says:

    Do watch. Gave you good movie updates throughout the year. :3

  3. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    Same here…

  4. Swarnali says:

    Great compilation I would however replace NH10 with Titli.

  1. December 24, 2015

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