Five Cakes You Must Have For Christmas


Let’s think beyond fruit cakes this Christmas. Cakes have always been a part of the Christmas festivities and this post is for everyone who is looking forward to gorging on those delicious pieces of moist and rich delicacies. Check it out!


Try out this creamy and rich variety of cheesecake that is surely a holiday classic. Cookie crumbs, chocolate chips and raspberries packed with cream cheese- what else do you wish for this Christmas?



It’s a traditionally prepared red coloured layer cake using cream cheese as topping. It is a light and fluffy, luxurious cake that is a must-have for the Christmas celebration. This dense and moist cake that is made tender with buttermilk, is especially popular for its full-fat cream cheese frosting. You need to try it out to know what makes it so well-loved!



Black Forest cake conjures up such wonderful memories that will certainly ‘bake’ your day!This chocolate sponge cake with several layers of whipped cream and cheese galore needs no introduction. We are familiar with the name as a synonym for daintiness. Every bite is a guarantee to sheer unmixed happiness!



An easy and delightful way of adding walnuts and chopped dates to your Christmas meal plans, the date nut loaf cake allows you to tread into the territories of cakes laden with dry fruits. Worth a bite!



This luscious cake made with simple ingredients and glazed with butter and rum is a great choice if you wish to keep your Christmas cake simple yet classy. At times, simplicity is at the core of beauty.


Cakes are a great way to add sweetness to your Christmas merriment. Bake cakes, eat cakes and gift cakes to your close ones to add charm and warmth to your relationships.

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