DIY Shopping Bag Decor~Easy Wall Art

Hey Gupshupians,
Oh My! It has been quite a long break for me from the blog world because of a pending plan but now that it is all done, I’M BACK with a post on an easy DIY artwork inspired from Pinterest that would perk up any boring wall with the help of some pretty shopping bags that off course, everyone obviously has laying somewhere in the corner. I chose some of my favourites for it. So, let’s get right into the post.

What you will need:
Some old frames
Shopping bags



How to~

Step 1. Clear the frame.


Step 2: Adjust the shopping bag as per the frame size and neatly cut off the excess. Follow these steps for the other frames as well.

Step 3. Frame it and tadahh!! Done! Simple, Isn’t it?



Hope you would try it out too!   Happy decor-ING!! Till then, Byeeee!! 

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  1. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    Welcome back
    We missed you so much

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