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So todays post would be a bit different from the ones i generally do.ill be talking about a brand which offers a range of cold pressed juices which is extremely healthy for you and at the same time taste good enough.



Inspirit was born out of the idea that cleansing should be introduced as an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy juices and cleanses should be made accessible to everyone. It is the first brand in Kolkata to create a friendly and approachable line of juices and cleanses that with varied nutritional and health benefits and can fit into any diet, from the raw-food champions to the burger-and-red-wine fans.

At a time when health ailments are plaguing almost everyone and good habits are gradually decreasing, it is time we take a look, introspect and take on corrective and preventive measures to regain back our health.


Inspirit juices are made from incredibly healthy, fresh, handpicked fruits and vegetables – most of them locally procured from our HCAAP certified vendors with an infusion of exotic fruits and essential super foods, , under guidance from nutritionists and medical experts. Our vision is to develop a line of juices made from the finest raw ingredients available and become the preferred way for anyone to enjoy delicious, nutritious and Essentially Pure.

The man behind this idea, Mr. Abhishek Jhunjhunwala, is a Bsc. Hons. and an Msc. in Management from the UK. He has worked and operated in various sectors like Digital Media Storage, International Trading, Realty and Hospitality.

Freshness defines our products. With a diverse product basket which comprises a complete range of pure and fresh Cold Pressed juices to Nut Mylks, (great for lactose intolerant people), designed and developed by nutritionists and experts to help you reboot body and mind on a daily basis with nature’s best fruits, vegetables and super foods, our products are a tried and true way to cleanse you inside out. We cater to all ages including children.


WHERE YOU CAN FIND THESE JUICES:  You can order these from

Every day we ingest substances through processed food, polluted water and air that are potentially harmful for our system. Fortunately, the body has the capacity to deal with this problem. The body rids itself of metabolic waste and chemical irritants through various eliminative systems. But modern lifestyle is such that our internal mechanism is burdened by 24*7 work cycle. Though many people think that the solution to better elimination is to simply take a laxative (herbal or otherwise), to regain that long lost vitality, we should give our digestive system a rest and detoxify our body and mind from all the waste which gets accumulated in our body and prevents healthy functioning of the internal system.


This is exactly where Inspirit Cleanse helps. We are essentially India’s first cold pressed juice company to focus the entire line of juices and Nut Mylks based on Cleanses. Our Cleanses are designed by expert nutritionists and health experts to help you understand your body better and is designed to help you in achieving your personal goals, whether it is cleansing your internal system, looking and feeling better or being active and fit at all times. It removes the toxins and helps your body feel lighter, fitter and better. A natural by product is a healthier mind too. So rejuvenate with Inspirit.


I came across Inspirit at a time when  i was badly in search for cold pressed juices in Kolkata.But sadly i couldn’t find any.The companies from Mumbai and Delhi don’t ship to Kolkata as these juices needs to be refrigerated and consumed within 72 hours.And finally i came across Inspirit cleanse.They sent across 3 juices to me, namely Immunity,Robust and Restore.Robust was my favourite as it had the tangy flavour of lemon cucumber parsley with a dash of ginger.(If you are looking for green juices then you should definitely try this one).The ingredients are mentioned on each bottle.The juices are priced at Rs 150 per bottle.


You can even try out their cleansing systems where they offer you a bunch of juices to help you detox your body.Their are 3 cleanses the brand offers : Start smart,Skin glow & Fighting fit.If you are new to juice cleansing then i would suggest you to try the start smart range first before taking it further.

RECOMMENDATION: If you are looking for healthy,pulp free yet tasty juices then Inspirit is your place.You can order their juices from their website  and get it delivered the very next day.


Inspirit cleanse was really sweet to offer a 10% off discount code for my viewers.The discount code is INSPIRITKKE10. Use this code and get a 10% off on your next purchase from Inspirit cleanse.




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    Yes go ahead
    And dont forget to use the discount code

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