How To Prepare Your Skin For The Winters


With the calendar heading for the last month of the year in another 5 days, November is surely the time to prepare your skin thoroughly for the winters. There is already a nip in the air and our dry stretchy skin is an indication that it needs extra care and protection in terms of moisturizing. So, how to prepare your skin for the winters? Here is an easy guide if you are looking for effective tips and tricks.



  • CLEANSING MILK FOR A CLEAN SKIN: While face wash is a hot favourite when it comes to removing oil, dirt and impurities, we must remember that they might wreck havoc on the skin during winter months. Opt for cleansing milk instead to do away with surface impurities.
  • CREAMS FOR A HAPPY SKIN: Switch over from lotions to rich nourishing creams. With the temperature falling, our skin needs to be pampered with the richness of face creams to combat dryness. Use a day cream with SPF while you step out in the sun and indulge in the goodness of a moisturizing night cream before you retire to bed. Wake up with a baby soft skin!


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  • THE KISS OF OIL: While there is an array of body lotions available in the market, body oils often work wonders in ensuring that your skin remains soft and hydrated throughout the day. Keep a bottle of your favourite body oil handy in the bathroom. You may also like to use natural oils like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil. After shower, pour a few drops of body oil on your palms and give your skin a quick massage before you step out. Your skin will thank you for this gesture.
  • BODY LOTIONS ARE IMPORTANT: The fact that you have applied body oil shouldn’t discourage you from using a rich and nourishing body lotion. Do use your favourite brand of body cream everyday post shower.
  • FOOT CREAMS FOR LOVELY FEET: Often your feet has to bear the brunt of the cold weather. Lack of foot care often ends up giving you cracked heels and rough feet. Wash your feet in lukewarm water every night and smother your feet with liberal doses of foot cream while you go to sleep. Feet feel soft and are less prone to roughness and dryness.


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  • NATURAL MOISTURIZERS: Whenever you have time, try to treat your skin with the goodness of natural moisturizing agents. Whip up a face pack with easily available ingredients like honey, milk cream, mashed banana and olive oil. Use these moisture-rich ingredients in your skin care regime to winter-proof your skin, naturally.


It is the last week of November. Start taking good care of your skin and welcome the winters with a glowing and soft skin!



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