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Hello my lovelies,

This is a long pending post and finally i could manage some time to do this.I hope all of you are doing good.

So today i would be talking about which is basically a one stop destination for korean skincare.I have been to Hongkong twice but i was too stupid to come back without trying Korean skincare.And back in India the only thing i could do was to regret as it is not so easy to get hold of Korean skincare here.And thats when approached me.And there was no question of me saying a no.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 1.36.22 pm


SKIN18 believes in skincare instead of makeup.  Skincare products feed natural ingredients and nutrition to your skin while makeup is considered as a coverage.  A lady may not have perfect features but still look charming with beautiful skin, imagine a young girl with smaller eyes and big nose will still look good at the age of 18.  Founder of Skin18 concerns about her skin the most, and our mission here is to bring you products that will makes you look forever 18.  It is the best to start your skincare as early as possible but there is never too late just like having exercise for a healthy body.

SKIN18 is very picky on selecting the workable skin healthy products and inviting bloggers, users, clients, reporters to write reviews with testing products is one of the way – please feel free to join Skin18 and share your feelings about skincare.  Ladies – it is time to spend your leisure time on yourself. Our guarantee is to ensure all products placed in our website is good for your skin.

The website has everything to deal with skincare,from cleansers to toners,serums,face masks and the most popular of them all sheet masks.The price of the products are quite reasonable and you can get a sheet mask for around $5 each.The website has a worldwide shipping and shipping is free for orders over 30$.SKIN18.COM has also a fun thing where you can try out various sheet masks for free by just paying the shipping which would depend on the weight of your products.They also have various discounts and offers running all throughout the year which is just awesome.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 1.46.28 pmNow coming to the shipping.The shipping was much faster than i expected as my package from Hongkong reached me within a week.

The customer service is also very prompt and they help every customer with utmost care.Im saying this cause the first package they sent out to me got misplaces somewhere during shipping,I got back to them after a month regarding this and they were sweet enough to ship my box full of sheet masks again and i got them within a week.


Now, had sent me a number of sheet mask’s and ampoules to review but i have just tried out one and i absolutely love it.

IMG_0980 IMG_0981 IMG_0982

The mask i used is called Aloe Soothing Waterful Oasis Mask.When i took out the mask from the packaging i could see the mask had more than enough amount of serum in it.And after applying the sheet mask there was even some extra serum left in the packet(Thumbs up for that).I applied the mask for 15-20 minutes and then removed it.And finally before washing off my face i gave a light massage to my skin with the serum left over.And tada after washing off i was left with refreshed soft and glowing skin.I don’t know the ingredients of this mask as it was in korean but the quality of the mask was amazing.Im dying to try on the other masks i have and ill do a detailed review on them soon.







Do you see the glow in my face?Thanks to of course..


Much Love


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4 Responses

  1. sushmita says:

    heard a lot about this website.. do they take cc/paypal? If they dont I will be glad to place the order.. dying to try sheet masks

  2. Somreeta Mukherjee says:

    This is something new! never knew about it

  3. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    Yes they do sushmita

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