Places To See Around Ravangla (South Sikkim)


Ravangla is a lovely hill retreat in the heart of South Sikkim. The serene beauty of nature reaches its zenith and it is a perfect destination for you if you wish to have a leisurely trip in the lap of nature, away from the din of the city life. If you are planning to pay a visit to South Sikkim, do not forget to visit the four most attractive spots around this place.





Popularly known as the Buddha Park of Ravangla, this luxurious park that has the awe-inspiring statue of Lord Buddha, 130 feet in height was built in 2013. Situated in the extended complex of the Rabong Monastery, the Tathagata Tsal is a memento to consecrate the 2550th birth anniversary of the Buddha. It is a beautiful place nestled in the lap of the hills.



We spent about 3 hours at the Buddha Park and we didn’t even realise that we had spent three long hours! The quiet ambience accompanied with the play of the sun and the clouds, the light and the shade followed by a downpour, these 3 hours were spent in a jiffy.




Namchi boasts of the largest statue of Padmasambhava on the Samdrupyse hill, which is believed to be a volcano in a dormant state. The statue of Guru Rinpoche in a glaring shade of orange is about 120 ft high. You can only stand in awe and feel how insignificant we the humans are in front of the profound hills and this gigantic statue of the patron saint of Sikkim.





The Siddhesvara Dhaam, popularly known as the Chaar Dham, have a 87 feet statue of Lord Shiva and the replica of the four renowned dhaams of Hindus in India, namely Badrinath, Dwarka, Jaggannath and Rameshwaram. Located in Namchi at Solophok hilltop, the Siddhesvara Dhaam attracts many tourists and devotees in and around Sikkim.





Known for its exotic flavour, Temi Tea is grown in the sole tea estate that Sikkim boasts of. The Temi Tea Garden is situated in Ravangla and the tea grown here is said to be of superior quality, which is why, it is highly in demand in the international market. Temi Tea garden is a huge expanse of lush green tea plants.



The tea grown here is quite expensive but serves as a wonderful memento if you wish to bring a fragment of Sikkim back home.


Car can be booked for around Rs 2500 if you wish to take a meandering ride across the hills of South Sikkim and see these beautiful places around Ravangla. We loved our trip to the hills as much as we loved the sightseeing .



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    […] next day was kept aside for sightseeing around Ravangla, Namchi and Borong. Since we had already visited Buddha Park, we asked our driver to leave the spot out. We ventured […]

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