A Short Leisure Trip To Ravangla, South Sikkim


Sikkim is almost like my second home. I can never get tired of Sikkim and its beauty! After my touring across the picturesque Silk Route East Sikkim in October 2014 and the beautiful West Sikkim in December 2012, this time, we chose our retreat at South Sikkim, Ravangla. Located at a height of 7000 feet, Ravangla is a beautiful place for a short leisurely trip.



After you reach NJP (New Jalpaiguri rail station), you can take an auto rickshawto SNT Bus Stand. Auto rickshaws charge Rs 200 to take you there. Shared taxis are available from SNT bus stand to Namchi for Rs 250-300 and then, book your seat in shared taxi from Namchi to Rabong bazaar for Rs 200. However, if you are not willing to put up with all that hassle, the best option is to book a car from NJP or Siligui to Rabong/Ravangla for Rs 3500.



My husband and I had booked our room at Mt. Narsing Village Resort in the month of June. It is known to be one of the best and most sought after hotels in Ravangla. That is why, we booked our room well in advance.



The cottages are beautifully placed in the midst of lush greenery. Away from the hustle and bustle of the Rabong Bazaar, Mt Narsing is surely a place with an air of tranquillity and peace. Situated on Kewzing Road that leads to Pelling, this hotel is a top choice because of its ambience and the greenery all around.


The rooms are furnished with bare necessities but nevertheless, they are comfortable and cosy. The magnificent Kanchenjunga range is clearly visible from the hotel if the weather is clear.


We reached there on 22nd October. The cold breeze, the rustling of leaves, the persistent screeching sound made by crickets, the darkness and the sense of being right there in the heart of the mountains, at least 3 kilometres away from the busy Ravangla Bazaar heightened our sense of excitement.



The next day (23rd October), we decided to trek our way to Tathagata Tsal, better known as the Buddha Park. After a complimentary breakfast of bread with butter/jam and omelette, we started walking down the winding and deserted lanes around the mountains.



We walked to Ravangla Bazaar and we were quite tired. So, we decided to try out hot Thupka at a nearby restaurant. It was a cosy place and the chicken thupka was delicious!



Then we resumed walking again. Buddha Park was situated at a distance of about 2 km or more from there. We walked along the well-constructed roads and it was sheer pleasure to walk, with the bright sun shining on us and the profound mountains offering us constant companionship. It is perhaps one of the best nature walks I have ever embarked on.



The gigantic statue of the Buddha, which looked like a showpiece studded on the green mountains from somewhere around our hotel, inspired awe and respect in the truest sense. We spent at least 3 hours at the park, contemplating, marveling and clicking pictures.


In no time, the dark clouds surrounded us. The sun wasn’t smiling upon us anymore. It started raining. After a long time, when the rains subsided, we started walking our way back to Ravangla bazaar, from where we hired a cab to take us to our hotel. They charged Rs 100.


The next day was kept aside for sightseeing around Ravangla, Namchi and Borong. Since we had already visited Buddha Park, we asked our driver to leave the spot out. We ventured our way to Temi Tea Garden where we taste the flavoursome Temi tea. We went to Samdruptse where we saw the huge statue of Padmasambhava.  We visited Chaar Dham too!


We enjoyed our Ravangla trip a lot. A lovely place that can boast of pristine and immaculate beauty, Ravangla in South Sikkim is surely worth your visit.

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  1. November 19, 2015

    […] Ravangla is a lovely hill retreat in the heart of South Sikkim. The serene beauty of nature reaches its zenith and it is a perfect destination for you if you wish to have a leisurely trip in the lap of nature, away from the din of the city life. If you are planning to pay a visit to South Sikkim, do not forget to visit the four most attractive spots around this place. […]

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