Hair Care Treatments And Services For The Last Minute Durga Puja Glam Up


Haven’t done the last minute glam up touches to steal the show this Puja? Here is a list of beauty treatments and hair care services to make you look beautiful yet different this Durga Pujo!


Of course, who wants to sport split ends while wearing those crisp new sarees and that you specially got for the festive season with bright pink lips and kohl rimmed eyes? Not only is hair cut a necessity but it is also something that can transform your appearance in a jiffy! If you have been sporting long hair throughout, you can obliviously try out short layers to impart a different look altogether. Get it done at your favourite salon to make the most of it! My favourite destination always remains the Jawed Habib salon in Lake Market area. While there are beauty salons that charge Rs 200 for a decent hair cut, luxury salons often charge Rs 500 for a basic cut. Choose as per your pocket. However, with the festive season around, it is recommended that you choose a salon that is popular for good reason among a large section of people.


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Bored of the same old look? It is time to get your hair done with bright steaks and highlights with shades galore. This works wonders especially if you are skeptical about getting the entire length of hair dyed, with loads of chemicals. Highlighting your hair will save your hair from those piles of chemicals (because only a few strands of hair are coloured) and at the same time, give your hair a bolder look. If you are trying it out for the first time, go for shades like red or even if it is blonde, don’t make it too light! However, if you are confident enough, go for any shade you like, no matter how wild or outrageous it may be. You can even go for purple, indigo or orange. Going for a highlight drastically changes your style statement in no time. My colour this season remains a mish mash of blonde and red streaks. While the local salons would charge Rs 100 to 150 per streak, luxury spas can even charge Rs 600-Rs 650 per streak (including service tax)


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Last, but definitely not the least, treat your hair with the goodness of hair spa treatment. Not only will your hair get a gorgeous look, but the hair strands will also be smooth, soft and radiant. Hair problems will be sorted quickly and you need not worry about keeping it open or styling it accordingly to the kind of look you would love to sport. Pandal hopping with gorgeous tresses is now made true!

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At this last moment, a prior appointment is absolutely recommended. If you can manage time properly, these three basic hair care services shouldn’t take more than 2 and a half hour. Give yourself a last minute hair glam up and enjoy Pujo like never before!


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