Cult Films That Offer The Lens To Teenage Conflicts And Dreams


In life, we have to deal with a multitude of circumstances and experiences that teach us so many new lessons. The trickiest ones seem to concentrate during the age betwixt of childhood and adolescence; after all this age caters myriad experiences while navigating the social and hormonal adventures. To understand the dreams and aspirations of these adolescent years, you need to watch these cult films that have been made centring on the conflicts and dilemmas that a teenager experiences. Check out the top three list!


The film is a triumph for writer-director Nagesh Kukunoor. This film is like a good dream, the kind where you know that it’s a dream, and you don’t want to wake up. The ambiance has a rustic flavour and the story narrates the journey of a young, deaf and mute boy from a poor Muslim family and his deep love for cricket. His greatest strength is his commitment and his desire to chase his dreams despite the hurdles. Shreyas Talpade is a class apart in his portrayal of the protagonist. No one but Naseeruddin Shah could have essayed the role of the town drunk (a cricketer once upon a time but couldn’t handle the politics in cricket and gave up his career) decides to train Iqbal, with such apt perfection. Shweta Prasad as Iqbal’s sister brings a maturity to her character which is beyond her age, and the performance is outstanding. This is a film that draws the viewer into the world of the characters on the screen, and when the movie ends, you don’t want to leave. An Inspirational flick; very classy!


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An extremely well made movie, Udaan has got some intense and gut wrenching emotions. With crisp editing and well-knit direction, this breathtaking movie unfolds and carves magic over the viewer. Not all coming of age stories deal with maturing from a young age. Sometimes adults need to grow up too. Very rarely a film is made which is as good as Udaan. The setting and soundtrack conjure up instant nostalgia, as do Vikramaditya Motwane’s direction and the script; but its performances are the real attraction — particularly Ronit Roy as the despotic father and  Rajat Barmecha as Rohan putting up a stoic face against the adverse circumstances, yet showing us the susceptible teenager within. This poignant story finely captures the pubescent days of the young teenager Rohan, and it follows his dreams, emotions, desires with growing maturity. His quiet suffering and acceptance of his growing up without a mother and without the care of a loving parent are vividly and heartbreakingly portrayed. The film blends the delicate with the disparate. The cherry on top is Amit Trivedi’s dynamic soundtrack and background score. A unique classic of hindi cinema, Udaan is a brilliantly told insightful story of life, of hope and of breaking free. Don’t dare to miss this one!


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The film is refreshingly real and much relevant to the context of popular teen-age films. This recent low-budget venture vibrantly shows the teen-year 16, through the perspectives of a handful of young people and depicts a wide range of characters all trying to get drunk, stoned, laid and party hard with loud music on, as they make their way into upper teenage years and adulthood. The movie doesn’t shy away from using the cheesy and controversial phrases like “losing the virginity”, “how was it for the first time” and many more. The film captures many tender moments of the age and an interesting father -son relationship goes over the top bringing about an unexpected tragic twist in the storyline. The characters are nicely baked with some newbies in the town doing fantastic work. Thoughtfully directed by Raj Purohit, the film however suffers from a good cinematography and screen-play. The plot makes the movie indeed watchable and it’s a true coming-of-age flick. A must watch! Highly recommended!


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The pace of the feet proceeding towards adolescence and the sudden departure from childhood, develop restlessness in the teen-agers. They cannot avoid the hangover of stress, life’s tension, depression of dreams, and peer pressure even after teen-age. If you haven’t watched these cult films already, do invest in DVDs and catch up with them during this weekend!


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