Horror Films That Guarantee Sleepless Nights


Who doesn’t cherish the creepy sense of comfort, the adrenaline rush and the thrill of experiencing the world of the dead in watching horror-flicks?  Horror movies’ stimulation leads many to have the experience of being creeped out.

There are many horror films but a few of them surely guarantee that tossing and turning on bed on nights when you can’t sleep just because they send a chill down the spine every time you think about them. Based on the overall quality of the films, the atmosphere to conjure up the right amount of dread, the cornerstones in creating an absorbing and immersive ambiance and the creepy factor, here is the list of those films that guarantee your entrance to the dark and have your mind conquered by the unquiet souls.


The myth goes: “When someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage… a curse is born. The curse gathers in that place of death. Those who encounter it will be consumed by its fury.” This marks the beginning of the series. If you know what it means, your heart beats fast with an uncanny feeling of exploring whatever follows. The story is structured in a way that shows how each character has encountered the house, where the actions of the plot seem to revolve. The curse is an unstoppable force of pure rage that strangles people to death. The movie relies a lot on smart sound effect work and viewing scenes from different viewpoints while setting up the scares slowly. So, Lights off. Cuddle up against your blanket. Open your mind for this ride! Highly recommended!

(To experience a closer look into the chilling horror, the macabre and the grim, the original Japanese version ‘The Ju-On series’ (Japan) provides a more frightening experience)


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I loved the tagline “…before you die, see the ring!” A Videotape kills people a week after they watch it. The movie actually screams this cheesy horror and what we see is an excellent mix of plot and direction that indeed makes the audience glued to their seats. The most notable part of this film is its visual and auditory construction, which is responsible for creating most of the tension. The climax is one of the more simplistic yet terrifying moments. Perfectly executed this remake of the 1998 Japanese Horror film ‘Ringu’ is one movie to fit into your  best-loved scare flicks. Ring Two was not as good as the first one but the film definitely keeps the interest and it’s a worthy follow up.


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The element of mystery is so strong in the film that you can hardly leave your seat even as you sweat under the influence of this unearthly experience. Though it borrows ideas and takes its tonal cues from other horror movies, it’s utterly absorbing and fascinating, paced to perfection; it builds from whispered voices on a baby monitor to entities invading the home of the poor Lambert family. And while “Insidious: Chapter 2” should be considered an extension of its predecessor, and it does look to expand on the original, director James Wan, with the help of a gripping script, has essentially created a new story which uses the “Insidious” outline as more of a jumping off point, than anything else. In chapter 2, a scene where a woman (Mother of Parker Crane) screams: “Don’t you dare!” adds an incredible sense to the setting of horror. Dare watch it alone?


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The film is about the Perron family who move into an old house in a rather verdant idyllic setting, but it doesn’t take long before things start to get abnormal and frightening so much so that the family is forced to approach two famous paranormal investigators of the last quarter of the 20th century, Lorraine and Ed Warren. Based on a true story, as the movie tells us, the script sets up the frames beautifully and times it all well. Certain scenes do tease the audience and builds up the tension and slowly goes within the rich and eerie atmosphere, sending chills in the spine. The movie is so finely tuned; it comes across as a respectable homage to the genre. In accordance with the film’s dreary atmosphere, director James Wan maintains the glossy finish of a high-budget production rather than going for grain. The set design here also grabs some attention, and, as a period piece, the film has an authentic ’70s feel to it. James Wan really started something and can guide the way; and dare I say it, he has set himself as an auteur of modern horror. But didn’t they just say that the movie is based on a true story? If it is real, reality can be unearthly and freakish! Who says spirits are only figments of our imagination?


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A nail biting thrill ride which artfully takes us on a complex journey; and it’s interesting to note how the lives of the characters have morosely ended up at this salient moment in time. A nice interplay between past and present fused with a creepy aura makes this movie very watchable. The whole premise of the story revolves around a mirror which is set up nicely and two siblings trying to make peace with their childhood fears, and the horrors inflicted by mom and dad, only to find that some things are better left unresolved.  Mike Flanagan did a great job with directing. The atmosphere is good, eerie and dark. If you’re a fan of disturbing, creepy, thoughtful horror films, I can honestly say it is one of the most disquieting films I’ve seen in recent years.


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These horror flicks use a parallel narrative and a compelling story-line to give their viewers, not just days but weeks of sleepless nights. Get ready to sleep with lights on tonight!


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