#BringHairAlive: Anti Hairfall Treatment By Himalaya Herbals At The Bridgette Jones Salon

Hello my lovelies,

Recently i was invited to an event organised by Himalaya Herbals at the Bridgette Jones salon and today i would be posting about my experience.

The minute i heard about the event i was super excited.I have dry and rough hair and the idea of a hair spa always excites me.

So,on the 26th of September Himalaya Herbals decided to pamper all kolkata bloggers with a hair spa session at the Bridgette jones salon and i was lucky to be one of them.

At first we had a talk with the ever so gorgeous Bridgette Jones over a cup of coffee.I have met Bridgette before and she is one of the most amazing person i have ever met.Our hair issues were addressed by her and she also gave us tips on proper hair care.Seeing the texture of my hair she advised me to keep my conditioner at least for 10 mins after shampooing and towel drying my hair,preferably under a shower cap.


After the interactive session it was time for all the pampering..Himalaya Herbals had two of their best ranges for us.The first being the Anti hair fall treatment and the second was the Anti Dandruff treatment.I was suffering from dandruff a month ago so i was confused with which treatment i would go.But after checking my scalp my therapist advised me to go with the anti hair fall treatment as i was not having any dandruff at that time.

IMG_0945 IMG_0946

Now hair fall is a huge problem with most of us ladies residing in big cities considering the pollution,dirt and grease we face.And i am no exception.So yes i went ahead with the Himalaya Herbals Anti Hairfall Treatment.

IMG_0931 IMG_0933 IMG_0934 IMG_0935

The spa consisted of the following steps:

♦Anti hair fall oil was used to massage the scalp for about 15 minutes.

♦Hair wash was done with the Anti Hairfall Shampoo

♦The Anti hair fall cream was applied and a good massage was given for about 15 minutes four nourishment

♦Steam or hot towel was given next for better penetration of the cream

♦Finally hair was washed again and conditioned.

♦Blow drying and styling


I was totally relaxed and rejuvenated and my hair felt and looked stunning.My therapist Sushma was extremely sweet and pampered me with an awesome head and shoulder massage.What else would you want on a saturday afternoon?




Now the fun part is all the products used during the spa is easily available in any local beauty store and anybody can do this entire process with ease at home to pamper your tresses.


This how my hair looked after the spa..

In Short the steps are as follows

scalp massage with oil>lukewarm water wash>hair cream application>steam>rinse and conditioning.

We were all given a goodie bag full of himalaya products to try on which included all the products used during the hair spa.I am planning to do a detailed review on each of them soon.







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  1. Divya Thapa says:

    <3 Waiting for a detailed review on each of the products.

  2. Sushmita says:

    full on pampering.. 😀
    will be waiting for the reviewsssss

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