DIY~How to make your own Red Velvet inspired candle

I’m an addict and I love candles in all shapes, colors and scent. They give a cozy and romantic vibe .Isn’t it? So, today I shall be sharing a DIY on how to make your own red velvet inspired candle in a couple of easy steps. Let’s get right in, Shall we?

What you will need:


1. Red and white unused candles. You can add wax crayons during the process to create any color that you desire.

2. Wick

3. Stick/pencil to hold the wick

4. Plastic cups( for molding)

How to:

Step 1:  Loop the end of the wick around a stick.


Step 2: Rest it across the plastic cup and use a drop of wax to adhere the wick to the centre.


Step 3. Melt the solid red wax by putting it in a bowl and place it into a bigger bowl with boiling water in it.


Step 4. Pour some of the wax into the cup. Caution: The bowl would be hot.


Step 5. Let it dry

Step 6. Using the same process, melt the white wax and pour it into the cup.


Step 7. Let it cool.


Step 8. Now pour the remaining red wax into it and let it set for an hour or two.


Step 9. Take the candle out of the mold by slowly ripping the cup apart. Cut the wick.

Step 10. Tadah! Your candle is ready to be lighted up! 


I made two of them and this is how it looks.




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  1. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    This looks so pretty divya di

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