Glycolic Acid Peel: An Overview


Glycolic acid peel treatment is very much in vogue these days. After all, they are known to do away with the rough, damaged and dry outer layer of skin to reveal smooth skin sans imperfection! Whether your skin is dotted with acne or pimples, creased with wrinkles or looks weird with its uneven tone, glycolic peel is an answer to all these problems. Wish to know more about this treatment that involves the use of chemical peel? This article will help you get an overview.


Glycolic acid peel


Glycolic acid is extracted from sugar cane and is therefore a fruit acid, which, when applied on skin, removes the old and rough surface to reveal the fresh layer that lies beneath. Glycolic acid is colourless and transparent liquid with watery consistency. The strength tends to vary and the concentration starts with 30 % and can go upto 75%.


Peels for smooth skin

Every day, skin is exposed to the harsh rays of sun, pollution and environmental changes that make our skin look old. The blemishes, wrinkles, sun spots and uneven complexion are just not desired! When we wish to remove these imperfections, a chemical peel comes as our saviour. A glycolic acid peel treatment helps fade these imperfections and improve the texture as well as tone of the skin by doing away with the layers of damaged skin.



With these facial procedures, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Pores are deep cleansed.
  • Natural collagen production is stimulated.
  • It helps you get rid of blackheads.
  • Acne as well as acne marks are reduced to a good extent.
  • Skin becomes radiant.
  • Wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation are less visible.
  • It helps make your skin smooth and skin tone even.

Do not expect to get the desired results with just one treatment. You could need quite a few sessions.

Glycolic Acid Peel Benefits


In order to get this treatment done, you need to visit a skin expert, a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, skin clinic, or an aesthetician. In fact, glycolic peels can even be clubbed with a cosmetic surgery. The peel is applied and left on for some time (the time tend to vary based on the kind of peel you opt for and the requirements of your skin). Then the peel is removed. A light peel is convenient and there is hardly any time required for recovery. It is advised that you do not opt for a strong peel right at the beginning. It would be wise to let your skin get used to the peel treatment. Ask your skin expert to help you out with the choice of concentration based on your skin’s tolerance level.



Side effects are few. You may experience a tingling or burning sensation immediately after the procedure. There can be redness too. But then, neither the burning sensation nor the redness stay for long. However, it is important to get it done under expert supervision or it can damage your skin.


So, if you want a quick solution for your skin imperfections, glycolic acid peels could be an answer. But make sure that you get it done by an experienced practitioner and stay safe, as you get glowing with radiant skin sans blemishes!

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