L’Oreal Color Caresse by Color Riche Lipstick – Blushing Sequin.


L’Oreal Color Caresse range are yet to launch in India, however when I saw them on I couldn’t control myself from stop ordering it. The shade Blushing Sequin was the first that caught mah eyes. Let’s hop in to know more about the shades and the quality of the product. 😉


What Company Claims: it’s smooth, moisturizing, and easy to apply. It doesn’t dry out my lips as the day goes on, and even after the color fades. Enriched with Vitamin E to provide Moisturisation and Comfort to Your Lips. Brings Your Lips Alive With a Rich, Shiny and Dazzling Colour.


Price: 699 INR or $9.99 USD.

Packaging: The packaging comes in lightweight metallic golden shade; the width of the slick is narrower than other traditional lipsticks. The packaging has a plastic band of the same shade to determine the lipstick colour. The first thing I noticed before opening the lipstick- is the “SAFETY SEAL”. The plastic sticker is powerful enough to tell if it has been peeled or broken. Therefore, It grand a confirmation from wandering hands.


Texture and Pigmentations: The texture is smooth and silky, it glides on lips beautifully. The consistency of this lipstick is soft and lightweight silky. The pigmentation however is from sheer- to- medium depending on the shades. Blushing Sequin has sheer to medium coverage depending on layers. This kind of texture and pigmentation is perfect for daily wear and running errands. I love how it doesn’t sit on lips, it is hydrating and feels almost like a pigmented balm that nourishes and moisturizes lips for long time.

Shade and Staying power: The shade Blushing Sequin” is beautiful light magenta pink colour with undetectable shimmers. The shade looks much deeper and richer in the bullet than when swatched. The finish has sheen to it which gives illusion of fuller lips. The shimmers are not gritty or heavy, it is unnoticeable on lips, doesn’t feel anything. The sheer to buildable pigmentation makes it easily for everyone to wear it daily and everywhere. Although the only Con is the staying power, it is not as longwearing as I expected, it last for 1-2 hours max before fading completely. Therefore, re-application is needed.



Note: Compared to the original Colour Riche lipsticks, the fragrance and flavor of Colour Caresse is quite mild. It has some fix fruit berry fragrance which is soft enough for my nose, or else I am that kind of girl who doesn’t stand any fragrances in lipsticks. After 5-10 mints the scent starts fading considerably.


What I like about L’Oreal Color Caresse by Color Riche Lipstick – Blushing Sequin:

  • Lightweight formula.
  • Metallic Gold Packaging.
  • Everyday kind of shade.
  • Buildable coverage.
  • Soft and silky formula.
  • Creamy and smooth texture.
  • Doesn’t sit on liplines.
  • Shimmers are not noticeable.
  • Makes lips fuller and plump.
  • Moisturize and hydrate lips.


What I don’t like about L’Oreal Color Caresse by Color Riche Lipstick – Blushing Sequin:

  • Lasting power is less.
  • Availability can be a problem.


Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, I am quite happy with this range, shall try other shades too. L’Oreal Color Caresse by Color Riche Lipstick are available online, you can check flipkart, snapdeal etc..

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  1. Somreeta says:

    Too good a shade to resist!
    But is it way lighter after application??

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