5 Restaurants That Serve Best Biryani In Kolkata


Biryani happens to be a universally accepted comfort food, especially as far as the Calcuttans are concerned. Feeling hungry? Have a plate of biryani! Feeling happy? Have a plate of biryani! Feeling sad? Have a plate of biryani!

In Kolkata, people believe in stuffing themselves with a sumptuous plate of delicious biryani when they are celebrating birthdays, enjoying marriage receptions, rejoicing re-unions, expressing joy over promotions or increments and commemorating a special day in their lives. At the same time, they believe in perking up their mood with a plate of biryani when they are trying to fight depression over not having achieved something or making an effort to stay happy although life has given them thorns instead of roses! As you can understand, there is biryani for each and every occasion! So, let us find out the best 5 places where you can have biryani in Kolkata.



Perhaps one of the best-known places that serve authentic Mughlai food, Arsalan definitely tops the list among biryani lovers. With outlets spread across Hatibagan, New Alipore and Ripon Street, the Park Circus outlet located near the 7-point crossing is the most popular of them all! Order a plate of mutton/chicken/Hyderabadi biryani for Rs 160, Lucknowi biryani/special biryani for Rs 240 (if you are a meat lover and want two pieces of meat instead of one) and even fish biryani for Rs will realise that nothing under the sun can taste better than a plate of Arsalan Biryani!



Wish to add extra spice to your biryani? Head for Zeeshan and enjoy your plate of biryani with reshmi kebabs and chaap! Spread across various locations of Kolkata like Garia, Deshapriya Park, Ballygunge, College Street and Esplanade, the outlet at Park Circus is by far the top one in terms of popularity. Chicken and mutton biryani are priced at Rs 150 per plate while a Hyderabadi biryani costs Rs 165. Chicken/Mutton special biryani is available for Rs 225. Order as per your biryani appetite and you are surely going to fall in love with its brilliant taste.



Shopping at New Market is incomplete without a sumptuous biryani meal at Nizam’s. While chicken biryani is as cheap as Rs 130 per plate and mutton biryani is available at Rs 140 per plate, you tend to get other kinds of biryani having fancy names like Tum Tum biryani (Rs 200), Nargish biryani (Rs 190)and Maha Raja biryani (Rs 165) too! Obviously, you don’t wait for us to tell you that the biryani at Nizam’s is heavenly and you will surely hate to share it with anyone!



If you find Nizam’s too crowded, don’t be disappointed. There is Aminia just a few yards away to cater to your ‘biryani-tooth’! order your plate of Chicken/Mutton biryani at Rs 135 only or you may choose to taste Mutton Awadhi biryani for Rs 230! There are other outlets too at Golpark, Rajarhat, Jessore Road, Shyambazar, Tollygunge, Garia and Baghajatin. If preparing Biryani is an art, Aminia is surely a gallery! ‘Delicious’ is the word!



Your biryani love gets an extra edge with the brilliant biryani available at Shiraj. Chicken biryani is priced at Rs 155, mutton biryani at Rs 160 and special biryanis at Rs 250 approximately. Order your biryani and eat to your heart’s content! Outlets are there at Ajoynagar, Park Street, Phool Bagan, Salt Lake and Garia. Relish a sumptuous spread of biryani along with Mutton Rezala and Chicken Chaap.

Kolkata Biryani is famous and life is meaningless if you don’t taste it at least once in your life! Happy biryani eating!


In case you are in a mood to cook Biryani at home, check out some of the tips here.

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