Skyendor Urban White Overnight Serum: Review

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Before I finish off my favorite serum I thought of doing a quick review on this. It’s been almost more than 2 months I am using this overnight serum, the benefits are clearly visible and I am glad I have got something which can be an answer to a lots of woman. Last time I reviewed Skyendor FII moisturizing cream for my dehydrated sensitive skin, the problem is many of you don’t know regarding this brand, it’s one of the high-end luxurious brands from Spain, marketed and practiced all over world.

What Company Claims: “It is a depigmenting serum designed to decrease the appearance of age spots, skin blemishes or scarring. Its concentrated formula helps renew the skin, helps to unify the tone and soften skin imperfections” .


Lactic acid


Biomimetic peptide of TGF encapsulated in Liposomes

Acid aminoetilfosfinic


Its bleaching action is indicated for all skin types, especially the oily and combination skin.

After regular skin cleaning, apply the product with special emphasis on the face blemishes and acne marks.

This bleaching serum contains glycolic acid or hydroxyacids.

Not apply to eyes or mucous membranes.

Stop useing it if irritation appears.

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Price: $72.00 USD or 2750 INR for 30ml/1 fl oz Too pricy 😥  😮


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I have tried many things for my pigmentations around upper cheekbones and those occasional breakouts that leave nasty dark scars, nothing worked better than Skyendor Urban White Overnight Serum. I am very particular about skin care products that I use, honestly speaking I have stopped relying on overly hyped products in the market, and with the turmoil my facial skin was going through I was scared of buying hefty products which may not work for me. However when a professional person from Skyendor assured me by testing my skin concern, I thought to give it a shot. After using 5-7 days I started noticing the differences. It brought my skin into complete transformation by clearing 70% of pigmentations, suntan and the most important acne marks (those cruel black-brown spots) in 1 months of regular usage. It helped my skin look brighter and clear. The serum contains glycolic acid or hydroxyacids and lactic acid that’s helps cleaning, face blemishes, pigmentations and acne marks. Those who are preparing for their bridals, you must use this overnight serum as your skincare regime- It is very effective.  A BIG THUMS UP! 😀

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The texture of this serum is lightweight, liquid gel thin consistency, that’s sink into skin immediately after application without leaving any sticky or greasy layer on skin. This makes perfect for all skin types including oily skins too. Perfect for all weather! Although for extreme dry skin ladies, using only serum won’t help, I use my FII deep moisturizer after this. Oh FYI, as name says: Skyendor Urban White Overnight Serum is to be use only at night!

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The packaging comes in off white pump bottle which has a luminous sheen to it, I need one and half pump for my face and neck area. It has a soft non-annoying scent to it which fades away once the product sink into skin. I am about to finish my first bottle that last me 2 months and still some left. The only grudge is as the product is expensive I would like either a see-through bottle or a packaging that can open up to use last drop of it.

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What I like about Skyendor Urban White Overnight Serum:

  • Lightweight watery consistency of the serum.
  • Sink into skin immediately.
  • The packaging looks Lux.
  • Doesn’t leave sticky or greasy layer on skin.
  • Help clearing blemishes, dark spot, pigmentation and acne marks.
  • Remove Suntan on regular use.
  • Moisturize my skin well.
  • Impart glow.
  • Need very less product.
  • One bottle last for more than 2 months.
  • For all skin types.


What I don’t like about Skyendor Urban White Overnight Serum:

  • Just the fact, I wish the packaging comes in such a way that can open up to use last drop of it. 😡


Rating: 5/5

Absolutely Recommend it. You guys definitely need this awesome stuff if you are also suffering from problems like pigmentations, Acne scars, skin blemishes, etc.



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