5 Reasons To Go For A Luxury Hair Spa Treatment


Wish to revive dull, frizzy and lifeless hair in no time? Opt for a hair spa treatment at your favourite beauty salon. A luxury hair spa treatment can be quite expensive but trust me, you have every reason to opt for one as a way to pamper yourself. Read on to know the best benefits of hair spa treatment.


  • DEEP HAIR CONDITIONING: Hair spa helps in nourishing hair roots and regulating sebum secretion. It hydrates the scalp, reduces dryness and rejuvenates the hair strands and deep conditions your hair. With the help of hair steaming, this treatment ensures that the nutrients penetrate deep into the hair shafts. You get soft, smooth and silky hair.
  • DANDRUFF REMOVAL: Hair spa is highly recommended if you have been suffering from dandruff, hair loss and flakiness. Scalp build-up and impurities are done away with. This in turn helps in removing dandruff efficiently. Scalp as well as hair strands feel squeaky clean and healthy.
  • CONTROLS HAIR LOSS: Hair loss stems from lack of nourishment of hair and scalp. Dandruff, greasy scalp, effect of pollution on hair, stress and lack of regular hair care are some of the factors that contribute to hair loss. Hair spa treatment induces relaxation, cleans the scalp of impurities, nourishes those locks and deep conditions your hair. Hair loss can be treated by opting for a hair spa treatment, once every month.

  • INCREASES HAIR VOLUME: By doing away with impurities and build up, hair spa treatment makes your hair look healthy and bouncy. It imparts volume to hair.
  • REDUCE STRESS: Hair spa treatment essentially involves a scalp massage session that is very effective in relieving your stress and improving blood circulation. It induces relaxation, relieves tension and thus, is a great way to pamper yourself after a hectic week!


The benefits of hair spa treatment are many. When you book a hair spa treatment, you generally get complimentary shampooing and blow-dry services. It is advised that you go for hair spa treatment in a reputed salon and get it done by expert hands. It is pricey; be ready to shell out Rs 1000 for a 1-hour hair spa session in a decent salon. Loreal professional range as well as Wella Professional range is quite well-known. Depending upon how reputed the salon is and whether you would love any ad-ons, charges may definitely increase. However, it is definitely worth the money. Gift yourself a session to unwind and relax along with expert hair care. You deserve it!




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  1. Divya Biswas Thapa says:

    My hair turns frizzy during monsoon and that’s the time when it needs sm deep conditioning spa treatment. Love it, so relaxing!

  1. October 19, 2015

    […] but definitely not the least, treat your hair with the goodness of hair spa treatment. Not only will your hair get a gorgeous look, but the hair strands will also be smooth, […]

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