Sivanna Cosmetics “Shining Star Shimmer Brick Shade 04” – Review and Swatches.


Hello Beautiful Readers,

It is not unknown that highlighters and lipsticks are my weakness, I have been lusting over Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks but due to non availability and price point I stay back from getting it. However today I will be reviewing an interesting product that looks and work similar to Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks but is quite cheap in value. Need to mention that this particular product was introduced to me by Kanika Justa, one of the Youtuber. She posted the picture on IG and I finally placed the order after seeing the swatches and review.

What Company Claims:

Be a radiant star by dusting on the cheek bones or a light dusting all over.
High quality ingredients with silky glossy shine color
can be used as an eye shadow or blush when you swirl it together
Best in class professional cosmetic brand
Perfect for both professional use and personal use


Price: 650 INR but I brought mine at 325 INR from


Sivanna Cosmetics is a Thai drugstore brand that creates many high-end cosmetics dupes. I was attracted to this for the beautiful resemblance to cult favorite Bobbi Brown Shimmer bricks. It is a multi usage product; it can be used as a highlighter, blush or an eye shadow. I refrain using this as a blush because of the strong highlighting effect. The actual product is soft and silky, the texture is far better than REVLON highlighting brick. The shimmer particles are not chunky or gritty at all; the soft texture blends onto skin perfectly without enhancing any pores or blemishes. I use it as a highlighter or top it over a matte blush to get that ethereal glow. 😀


The product is highly pigmented, the strong effect can blow your mind sometimes  😛 I dint expected it to be that powerful honestly when I paid almost 350 bucks which is way cheaper than high ends highlighters. I lightly apply with a fluffy brush on high points of my cheeks and nose. The product is also long lasting- it wore for 5 hours before slightly fading. The packaging also looks similar to Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks with a transparent front lid aiding us to get a clear glimpse of the actual product. However the material of the packaging is made of cheap plastic, it feels quite flimsy too :/


There are total 5 shades from top to bottom, you can use the bricks individually or swipe the brush all together. Swatch includes from Top to Bottom (left to right).


What I like about Sivanna Shining Star Shimmer Brick:


  • An awesome dupe of Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks.
  • Beautiful highlighter.
  • Highly Pigmented.
  • Texture is soft and smooth.
  • Doesn’t enhance or sit on pores or blemishes.
  • Gives a nice ethereal glow.
  • 5 shades in one product.
  • Can be use as a blush or eye shadow too.
  • Long lasting.
  • Available in 3-4 different shades/ for different skin tones.


 What I don’t like about Sivanna Shining Star Shimmer Brick:

  • Packaging is cheap, otherwise I don’t have anything to dislike about this product.



Rating: 4/5.


Sivanna Shining Star Shimmer Brick 04 is a beautiful pinkish-bronze colour, there are other 2-3 shades available on flipkart too, and I may get the bronze one as well 😀

I do highly recommend it to everyone who wants to try an inexpensive highlighter yet awesome value product. As mentioned I loved the formula more than the Revlon shimmer Brick.

XoXo :-*


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6 Responses

  1. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    I want this.

  2. sushmita mazumdar says:

    lol.. get this.. its available now on flipkart 😀

  3. Divya Thapa says:

    The design reminds me of TBS shimmer waves too. 🙂 I want to try it as well!

  4. sushmita mazumdar says:

    Yes Divya- this kind of design is everywhr now adays..

  5. Khushi says:

    I am so tempted by this and d Swatches look damn attractive. U look beautiful Sush.

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