Almond Skincare Recipes That You Must Surely Try


Almonds are not only delicious to snack on but they are also great for your skin! Soaked almonds are often considered as a ‘super food. They are associated with a gamut of health as well as beauty benefits. Apart from promoting smooth digestion, stable blood sugar levels, healthy heart and a daily dose of antioxidants that help prevent cancer, these tasty tree nuts are also amazing for your beauty needs. Read to know the best benefits of consuming and using soaked almonds for achieving glowing skin and healthy hair.



Soak almonds overnight and eat a handful of them every day to remain healthy. Soaked almonds can also be used for your skin. Vitamin E contained in these nuts help to give your smooth and radiant skin sans skin imperfections. You may also use almond powder instead of soaked almonds for preparing easy and effective skincare recipes:

  • ALMOND MASK FOR ACNE: Mix 2 tablespoons of almond powder with 6 tablespoons of curd. Apply this pack with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties liberally on face and neck to treat acne.
  • ALMOND ANTI-AGING MASK: Wish to prepare a recipe to treat wrinkles and keep fine lines at bay? Mix a tablespoon of ground almonds with a tablespoon of yoghurt. Add a few drops of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey. Apply it on your face. Wait for fifteen minutes and wash off to get smooth skin. This mask should be used at least twice every week to reap anti-aging benefits.


  • ALMOND FACE PACK FOR INSTANT SKIN BRIGHTENING: A mix ground almonds and banana pulp in equal quantities to prepare a face pack to relieve dry skin and brighten up your skin in no time.
  • ALMOND FACE PACK FOR ACHIEVING HEALTHY SKIN: This pack is excellent if you want clear skin free from oil and grease. Soak a few almonds and saffron strands in cold milk overnight. Crush the almonds next morning and prepare a paste. Mix it with gram flour and milk. Apply this regal face pack liberally on face and neck. Wait for twenty minutes and wash off with trepid water. When used at regular intervals, this mask helps remove dark patches and gives your skin a pink glow!


  • ALMOND SCRUB FOR SMOOTH SKIN: Running out of your favourite face scrubs from the best known brand? Try this simple rose water and almond scrub. Mix finely ground almonds with rosewater and scrub your face with it to reveal softer and brighter skin. This scrub is as effective as any of those packaged ready-made facial scrubs!


Thus, each time you relish snacking on soaked almonds, do not forget to set a few aside for preparing these yummy skincare recipes. These nutty packs and masks help you achieve beautiful skin, naturally!



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  1. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    Your posts are always so different

  2. Divya Thapa says:

    I always eat three almonds every morning. Never tried it on my face since I have oily skin. Does it really work on acne?

    • Somreeta Mukherjee says:

      hey Divya, I too love to munch on them everyday!frankly ,I haven’t used almond for treating acne.however, I have used almond scrub for my skin and it works really well. I too have oily and sensitive skin.

  3. sushmita mazumdar says:

    I love munching Almonds, one of my fav nuts. Almond really works great as a scrub and paste.. I have dry sensitive skin and it really works..

  1. March 30, 2016

    […] Almond is one of the best tree nuts, packed with Vitamin E, proteins and fiber. As a diabetic or pre-diabetic, you can bank on almonds to improve insulin sensitivity and for better blood glucose management. Adding a few almonds to your regular diet plan would help in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Almonds are great for your gut as well! Munch on a handful of almonds while snacking, add them to increase the nutrition quotient of your breakfast smoothies or just enhance the taste of your delicious roasted chicken salad platter with some soaked almonds. […]

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