Skyendor Aquatherm Deep moisturizing cream FII – Review.

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Hello Folks,

It’s been a while I haven’t talked about any of my skincare products. I am not a fan of too many skincare products but when I see satisfactory results I stick to it. If you don’t know, my skin behaves according to the weather but one thing is consistence whole year long is- I have dehydrated skin.  A dehydrated skin is different to dry skin; dry skin lacks oil whereas dehydrated skin lacks moisture. Plus, my skin is sensitive and hence I have to pick products very carefully. I got introduced to Skyendor- at the time of my monthly facial regimen. The brand is completely new to me and the product specialist recommended this moisturizer to me. She was confident enough and made me clear that it works exactly the way my skin demands, i.e. I sweat a lot, therefore the moisturizer is not heavy to make me sweat. I don’t like heavy sticky cream that sits on the top of skin, she mentioned, it is light weight and sink into skin immediately. It is specialized for dehydrated sensitive skin which gives boast of hydration throughout the day without making my skin greasy and oily.

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What Company Claims: Deep Moisturizing Cream FII: Moisturizing Cream for dry sensitive skin prone to dehydration. Contains dermo saccharides and moisturizing agents, which are resistance to cleansing. The other ingredients promotes the tolerance against external aggressions. Intensive, long lasting moisturizing for all environment. Main ingredients: Spring Water, Pre Biotic Oligosaccharides, Ceramides, Pumpkin Extract, Dermo- Saccharides.

Moisturizing cream for sensitive, very sensitive skins, and combination-oily skins.

Apply intense moisturizing cream to cleansed skin, and spread until it is completely absorbed. Then apply makeup, if desired. This cream can be applied both during the day and at night.



Price: $59.90 OR 1750 INR for 50ml

The texture of the moisturizer is light –medium yet light weight that sinks into skin almost within 2 mints of application. It is formulated for dehydrated, sensitive skin and combination oily skin types that’s covers almost every skin types.  The formula has enough coverage, a little goes long time- The amount of product shown in the pic below is good enough for whole face and neck. I have been using this moisturizer since last year winter (at night) alternative along with my “Clarins plant oil”and it works wonder on my skin. The texture is perfect for all year long- It is a non –greasy, non-oily product. It work great during summers too, I can easily apply a layer of it without being oil shack. I suffered a lot with dry flakes around my cheeks, forehead and also with discolouration. Skyendor Aquatherm Deep moisturizing cream FII helped me a lot; those dry flaky patches are all gone, even I see no discoloration. The product really worked on my skin to combat all these problems.


The first 1 week was the patience keeping time; it will not show instant-in a day result. I started noticing difference after 1 week of continuous application.

The packaging is made of frosted heavy glass jar of 50ml with a screw top lid- Nothing too appealing but the actual product is gem. I am also using the overnight serum from same brand (those who follow my IG- I already posted the pic) Oh God- Its one of the best serum so far- It served my need and acted like a miracle-review will be up soon.


What I like about Skyendor Aquatherm Deep moisturizing cream FII:

  • A moisturizer that is specialized for sensitive, very sensitive skins, and combination-oily skins.
  • Acts wonder to combat dryness and heal de-hydration of skin and protect from pollutant.
  • Medium light weight formula.
  • Non greasy, non oily texture.
  • Sink into skin immediately without leaving any film of oil or grease.
  • Made my skin smoother and further radiant.
  • Helps reducing my dry flaky patches and discolouration.
  • Love that I can use it in every season.
  • Because of its light weight formula, a combination skin type can also use it without any fear.
  • Never clogged my pore, in fact it reduced the size of it.
  • Main ingredients: Spring Water, Pre Biotic Oligosaccharides, Ceramides, Pumpkin Extract, Dermo- Saccharides.
  • Provide hydration whole day.
  • A little goes a long way- I have been using this 50ml jar since last winter and there is still left. Therefore 1750 INR is a saving for me.
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What I don’t like about Skyendor Aquatherm Deep moisturizing cream FII:

  • It’s a professional brand therefore available only in leading salon.

For more details please visit:

Rating: 5/5

I absolutely love this moisturizer, and once I am done with this jar, I will again re-purchase it. I am sure very less people heard about this brand- – the answer is- Professional products are available only in salon, it’s not a drugstore brand that people will notice easily. I don’t mind spending bucks on skincare, bcoz skin is the canvas and makeup is just a paint!

If you follow leading fashion and lifestyle magazines- you have probably seen this brand there.

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Skeyndor, which means “golden skin” in Spanish, was founded in 1966 in Terrassa town near Barcelona, Spain. Today, Skeyndor is the No. 1 skincare brand in Spain and is today rated as one of the top fifteen cosmetic brands in the world.


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  1. Kinkinee Kinkinee says:

    Where do i get this???never heard of this brand before.

    • Sushmita says:

      @kinkinee – as mentioned its a professional brand arrived in indian market recently.. U wont see any reviews on it but u wll find it abroad. I got mine at near salon.. Its really great on my skin babe…

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