DIY Aloe Vera Molded Ice to cure Sunburn


Today I’ll be sharing a DIY using the aloe Vera plant that I was really excited to post and it is the Aloe Vera Molded Ice to cure sunburn. Yes, I had suffered horribly from sunburn on my last vacation and this really works. To know how it was done, lets get into the post right away.

What you will need:

1.Aloe Vera plant (In case you don’t have the plant, a substitute would be the over the counter aloe Vera gel)


3.Ice tray or silicone molds



How to:

Step 1: Take the Aloe Vera and skin the outer layer of the plant. Then scoop out the pulp from within.


Step 2: Grind the extract on a blender. Do add some water to obtain a liquid consistency and pour it into the ice molds.


Step 3: Allow it to freeze


Step 4: After a couple of hours, your frozen Aloe Vera will be ready.


Step 5: Rub it into the affected area and the stinging sensation will go away. 


This has really helped me soothe my skin. Do try this easy DIY if you suffer from sunburn.

Till then, bye.

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2 Responses

  1. rachna says:

    awesome idea girl..definitely trying this!

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